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How To Throw A Video Game Party That Everyone Will Love


no matter what type of ribbon you use 

If you’re ready to get your game on, gather your friends and throw a party. Real-world socializing hasn’t been easier and, without further ado, these are the secrets that will make your video game party a success.

Send Over Invitations

When to send the invitations? It’s recommended to send out invitations a week before the big event. The sooner you can notify people, the better. At any rate, don’t leave invitations to the last minute. You can create unique invitations without expensive, difficult to use design software. Have you ever heard of Canva? Once you’ve set your account, click on the Create Design button and then on Invitation. You’ll have several templates to choose from. Save time by sending the invitations online. 

Ideally, you guests should RSVP a few days before the video game party. No matter how hard you try to make everyone happy, there will always be people who’ll refuse your invitation. Don’t wait until the last minute, if possible. People accept only to find out that there’s another commitment that day. Giving you notice in advance helps you plan. 

Pick A Game That Has Group Appeal

A game can save or destroy your closest and fondest relationships. So, choose wisely. Pick a game that appeals to everyone. If your friends can’t be physically present, don’t worry because there are apps like Discord or Parsec that help you play online via voice chat, video chat, or screen sharing. Here are some of the best party games to check out: 

  • Call of Duty. It’s a combination of COD multiplayer action and BR mechanics. The best part is that it’s completely free. Like many games, Call of Duty has consistent updates, which bring about new weapons, skins, and maps. 
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You can’t forget the classics. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe strikes a careful balance between refining old ideas and introducing fresh new ones. It’s impossible to not feel happy when playing the game. If you’re really competitive, you’ll love it. 
  • FIFA 22. Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA. Confirm the team you’re using and select the match type you want. You’ll quickly learn how to rack up coins, perform old and new tricks, and snag the best kits. 

Pick a few games you think might work and keep them in mind for the gathering. 

Things You’ll Need to Own/Borrow/Rent 

If you want to create the ultimate gaming party experience, this is what you’ll need: 

Gaming console 

To keep things simple and fun for your guests, choose a console that’s movement-based. Motion controls were implemented in many games, such as Red Steel 2. Nintendo Switch is a good choice. It can be used in games that require physical activity, including Fitness Boxing and Sports Party. It’s a great console for anyone that owns a PlayStation or Xbox console. It can do things the competition can’t. 


The guests should be able to see the action, right? Get the biggest TV you can find. To figure out the best size for your room, measure the distance between your viewing position and your current TV in centimeters. Multiply this number by 0.2 and you’ll discover the ideal size in inches. Depending on where you live, there might be a gaming venue nearby, complete with big screens. 


Controllers have evolved from a simple joystick with one button to gadgets with joysticks, pedals, and lots of buttons. Four controllers are better than two, so make sure you have enough at hand. A controller should have the benefit of rock-solid quality and reliable PC compatibility. Controllers can be connected to gaming consoles, laptops, and even mobile phones. 


If your accessories require batteries, they’re essential. Store empty and semi-full batteries separately. It’s impossible to tell from the outside whether a battery is empty or full. 

Celebrate With Fun Food and Drinks

Putting together all the decorations is hard, but choosing food and drinks is easy. Must-have snacks for gamers are Pizza, chicken nuggets, Doritos, French fries, and nachos. You can even serve pretzels. The question now is: What drinks are appropriate? Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, that sort of stuff. If you’re looking to attain peak performance while gaming, you might need the extra boost. Parties, regardless the type, revolve around food and drinks. It doesn’t really matter what you include during your next event. It’s the thought that counts. 

Food and drinks leave a lasting impression, so take into account the needs and desired of your guests. If you don’t have time to prepare anything, order it. That’s what catering services are for. Let guests make the menu selection and your work is done. 

Reward The Winner 

Pick a winner for the game and recognize their effort. You don’t need prizes. An award ribbon is enough. If you don’t know how to make an award ribbon, there’s no better time than now to learn. You can obtain a fine result no matter what type of ribbon you use. Take two pieces of ribbon and cut them into four 2’’wid strips. Fold every ½’’ along the length of the strips. Secure the accordion using dry adhesive.  

When the four pieces are all connected, bring the beginning and end together to make an accordion circle. With the leftover ribbon, cut out two ½’’ circles and add the pinwheel with the help of hot glue. To top it all off, cut two ½’’ strips of ribbon and trim the ends. Attach them to the back of the pinwheel using dry adhesive. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. 

All in all, the video game party can be as simple or elaborate as you like. What matters is that you and your friends have a good time. You won’t bear the burden of playing host alone, so control your anxiety. You’ve worked so hard to organize the party, so remember to sit back and relax. You deserve it. Make sure you’re well-rested and smile away your doubts. Even if things go wrong, it’s not the end of the world.