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How To Transfer Server Ownership Discord – The Ultimate Guide


You’ve finished setting up your server and are ready to leave it. But before you go, you want to know how to give ownership rights to someone else.

In this article, you will learn how to transfer ownership of a Discord server to another member. You can do this on various devices.

What Do You Need to Transfer Ownership?

There are different ways to transfer a Discord server. You can use the Windows/Mac desktop app, the browser, or an iOS/Android program. We will show you how to do it using the Windows/Mac desktop app.

The fact that you are a moderator or hold a permission-filled position on a server does not, however, guarantee that you can transfer ownership to someone else. Privileges don’t make you the server’s owner.

Only a server owner can transfer ownership of a Discord server. There is a four-owner limit on each server.

When a server is “owned less,” the service keeps it available for a time but eventually deletes it. If you want the server to keep operating, transfer your ownership to another player on the server.

You may access your account on a Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or iOS/Android device. The concept is similar across most platforms.

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How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server on Windows 10 and macOS

Discord was designed and primarily developed for Windows end users (which is what many gamers use). However, the platform has evolved past usage by gamers (for example, many cryptocurrency-related firms like using Discord to communicate with their followers). As a result, the software is now available on Apple machines as well. On macOS,

Here’s how to transfer server ownership to another member of the server using Discord’s Windows or Mac app.

  • Open the Discord program and go to the server in question by using the left-hand server list.
  • Select the server’s icon and right-click it.
  • Click the “Home Settings” button in the upper-right corner. Select “Server Settings.” Select a server from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Members” from the side menu that appears.
  • Find the server member you wish to transfer ownership to and hover over the entry.
  • Select Inspect Element -> The three-dot symbol is used to select the element.
  • Choose “Transfer Ownership.”
  • If prompted, confirm the transaction.


Additional FAQs

How do I kick the owner of a Discord server?

Discord servers are generally well-maintained and trustworthy. However, no Discord account is entirely safe from hacking. Furthermore, the owner has the ability to act in a manner that is detrimental to the whole server. Unfortunately, there is no method to expel the owner or creator of a server. A malicious server member can’t collaborate with anybody to get

How do you transfer bot ownership of a Discord server?

Discord turned into in no way conceived with bot possession in mind. By default, you can’t switch possession to a bot. With that said, there are techniques that contain the use of Python and “discord.js” settings that is probably capable of assist a consumer provide you with an proprietor bot for Discord. Still, this isn’t sincere and it’s going to contain the use of third-birthday birthday celebration and complex techniques. If your server is essential to you, it’s now no longer encouraged to modify bot possession except you’ve got got coding experience.

What is a Discord server?

Once you’ve created a Discord account, you may upload buddies and talk with numerous Discord customers. However, the number one awareness of Discord is using “servers” as chat rooms. Every Discord person can create and slight a server. Within every server, you may upload/change/cast off channels and upload permissions for exceptional customers having access to the ones channels. In short, a Discord server is a collection surroundings in which humans can talk with every other.

Is a Discord server safe?

Discord servers and money owed are hackable and are regularly objectives of diverse cybercriminals. If you put the proper private settings and assign honest humans to cope with unsolicited mail messages, diverse bots, and antagonistic users, you may flip it right into a secure surroundings for like-minded humans to cling out, have discussions, play video video games together, and plenty more.

Why is Discord 13+?

Users who’re underneath the age of thirteen can not legally create a Discord account. This is because of Discord’s Terms of Service. When it involves NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content material, that is carefully monitored with the aid of using Discord’s aid staff. You can put up NSFW content material on Discord servers which have an 18+ warning (set with the aid of using server owner).