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How to Turn Off the Passcode on an Apple Watch


The majority of people believe that establishing a passcode for your Apple Watch is a sensible precaution to take because it prevents unknown people from accessing private and sensitive information that is stored on the device. Specifically, this is due to the fact that a passcode can be used to verify the owner of the Apple Watch.

Nevertheless, the usage of the passcode is not mandated, and you have the option to easily disable it if you discover that entering it causes you to experience any difficulties. Be aware, though, that if you disable the passcode on the watch, you will no longer be able to use Apple Pay with the device. You will be able to reactivate Apple Pay in the event that, at a later time in the future, you change your mind and opt to activate the passcode again.

There are two distinct ways that you can go about disabling the passcode on your Apple Watch. Both of these methods are available to you. Both of them are included in this.

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How to Turn Off the Passcode on an Apple Watch

From your iPhone’s Watch app

1. Open the Watch application that’s installed on your iOS device.

2. Before moving on, make sure that the “My Watch” tab at the bottom of the page is chosen.

3. Tap “Passcode.”

4. From the menu, select “Turn Off Passcode” to disable the passcode.

5. Select the option to “Turn Off Passcode Lock” located at the bottom of the page within the pop-up window.

6. You will be required to input the passcode that is now being utilized in order to guarantee that you are granted permission to turn it off.

From your Watch’s Settings app

There is also the option to disable the passcode directly on the watch.

1. Using your Apple Watch, launch the Settings application. To accomplish this, hit the Digital Crown, and then touch the app that looks like a gear.

2. Tap “Passcode.”

3. Select “Turn Off Passcode,” and after that, select “Turn Off” to ensure that this is what you want to do.

4. In order to reaffirm the modification, enter your current passcode once more.



Why can’t I turn the passcode off on my Apple Watch?

If the button on the iPhone that is supposed to be used to turn off the passcode is greyed out, it is likely that passcode limitations are being used at this time (via a corporate configuration profile, mobile device management or Exchange policy). When restrictions requiring a password are activated on a managed iPhone, same restrictions will also be activated on an Apple Watch.

What is simple passcode on Apple Watch?

Because Apple wants you to be able to gain access to your Apple Watch in the shortest amount of time feasible, the default length of the passcode on your Apple Watch is only four numbers long. In the case that you do not feel safe using the standard passcode of four digits, you have the option of substituting it with a passcode that contains anywhere from four to ten digits.