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How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs


Google Docs is an excellent tool for collaborative work since it enables a number of people to work in unison on the same document at the same time without anyone becoming confused about who was responsible for what. If you or your company uses Google Documents, it could be quite helpful to know which members of your team accessed which papers and when they did so. If you need to make sure that everyone has read a significant document, such as a draft, terms and conditions, your most recent submission, rules and procedures, or anything else, knowing who did what and when is critical. For example, if you need to ensure that everyone has read a draft. This post will show you how to prevent Google Documents from preserving your viewing history if that is something you would wish to accomplish. Okay, so here we go:

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How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

If, for any reason, you want to switch off a document’s view history, you can do so by following these straightforward steps:

1. Launch the Google Sheet application.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

2. Either select Tools from the drop-down menu or click the arrow pointing upwards that is located in the upper right-hand corner of your document.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

3. Launch the Activity dashboard on your browser.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

4. Choose the settings for your privacy.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

5. Under Document setting, toggle Turn off the display of my view history for this document.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

This option is also accessible in the personal version of Google Documents, which is the free version. You have the ability to turn off your view history if you are working on a project and don’t want your collaborators to know about it until you are ready to share the document with its final edits.

1. To get started, launch Google Sheets and select Settings from the menu that appears.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs

2. You are able to disable your view history through the Activity Dashboard settings by navigating to the Settings menu. After you have set this to the Off position using the toggle, click the OK button to save your changes.

How to Turn Off View History in Google Docs


Why can I see view history in Google Docs?

Activate the Individual See History button.

Choose Tools > Activity Dashboard from the list of options on the menu. Choose Privacy Settings on the left side of the screen. Toggle on either one of the options located on the right. The toggle for the Account Setting displays the view history for all Google documents, whereas the Document Setting only displays the view history for the currently selected document.

Can viewers of a Google Doc see edit history?

Users who have Edit access to a file can utilize the revision history functionality to view the file’s whole history, which includes any modifications that were made by other users. Users also have the ability to view previous versions of the file and determine who was responsible for particular alterations.

Can others see edit history?

Anybody who is able to view the post will also be able to view a history of any adjustments that have been made to the post after it has been published. Those who actively contribute to your Page are the only ones who are able to view who made the changes.

How can I see who made edits in Google sites?

To view the history of changes made to a page on your website, click the More link located in the upper right hand corner of any page. You will see a list of the site versions, along with the date and time that each one was most recently modified, and the name of the person who was responsible for making the changes, on the page that follows.