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How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing


In order to make the most of your time spent playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will collect a wide selection of useful items. There are six of them that have golden editions that are special, and some of them have additional abilities in addition to being more durable than the regular ones. Find out how to unlock every golden tool in New Horizons, along with the unique functions of each one, by reading this guide.

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How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

How to Get the Golden Shovel

You can unlock the recipe for the golden shovel, much like you can do so for several of the other golden tools, by repeatedly completing a certain chore. In this particular scenario, you are going to want to assist the shipwrecked sailor named Gulliver when he washes up on your shore after falling off of his ship.

How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

Gulliver shows up once a week, on average, and asks for your assistance in finding the pieces of his broken communicator and bringing them back to him so that he may contact his crew and request a pick-up. After you have aided him for the first time, he will send you a gift in the mail, and after you have aided him for the thirty-first time, he will send you the instructions for making a golden shovel.

If you check the Gulliver’s Travails task in the Nook Miles app on your device, you will have a good notion of how far along you are in the challenge.

How to Get the Golden Watering Can

Using a watering can, you can cultivate flowers on your island, and upgrading to the golden version grants you the ability to both water more plants at once and cultivate unique varieties.

In order to acquire the recipe, you will first need to ensure that your island receives a rating of five stars by ensuring that it is in the best possible condition. Be sure to remove any weeds as soon as you see them, cultivate a large number of flowers, embellish the area in a variety of ways, and invite as many villagers as you can. You can get an update on your progress by visiting Isabelle at Resident Services and selecting the Let’s talk island evals option from the menu. She will tell you your current rating and offer tips to help you improve it.

How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

When you have earned a total of five stars, Isabelle will present you with the instructions for making a golden watering can.

How to Get the Golden Slingshot

With the slingshot, you’ll be able to bring down the presents that come flying over your island on balloons from time to time. These gifts could include Do-It-Yourself recipes, pieces of furniture, materials for making, or even Bells. You will need to pop three hundred balloons in order to obtain the recipe for the most advanced iteration of this tool.

As soon as you accomplish this objective, a unique, golden balloon will float into view. The instructions for making the golden slingshot will be included in the gift that it carries. Check the It’s Raining Treasure action in the Nook Miles app on your device to keep tabs on your progression.

How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

How to Get the Golden Rod

You will receive the upgraded version of the fishing rod as a prize for capturing all 80 fish that can be found in the river and ocean of your island over the course of a year. It is not necessary to give all of them to the museum in order to receive the reward; the recipe will be delivered to your mailbox on the day after you catch the last fish.

How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

You can check the Critterpedia on your Nook phone or the Island Ichthyologist activity in the Nook Miles app to see how close you are to catching all of the fish. Both of these are accessible through the Nook.

How to Get the Golden Net

You can earn the golden net in the same way as you obtain the golden rod; the only difference is that rather than receiving the golden rod recipe for collecting all of the fish on your island, you will receive the golden net recipe for catching all of the insects. To reiterate, you are not need to donate every type of insect and spider to the museum in order to receive the letter that contains the recipe. It will arrive one day after you have eliminated all of the bugs in the area.

How to Unlock Every Golden Tool in Animal Crossing

You can keep track of your progress by clicking on the bugs tab in the Critterpedia or by checking the Nook Miles activity titled “Bugs Don’t Bug Me.”

How to Get the Golden Axe

When it comes to felling trees, the axe comes in helpful. Rocks can also be mined for resources to be used in crafting using this tool (but a shovel works way better). The golden axe recipe is unique among these others due to the fact that your character is the one who comes up with it on their own.

You will need to destroy one hundred of the less robust variants of the axe before you can obtain the recipe for the more robust tool. This will happen naturally as you progress through the game, but if you want to get a head start, you can speed up the process by making a series of weak axes out of five tree branches and a stone, and then hitting a tree until the weapon breaks apart on its own. Because the flimsy axe can only be used for 40 hits, it won’t take you more than a few of hours, even if you’re beginning from scratch, to figure out how to make the golden one.

You won’t be able to keep an accurate tab on your advancement toward this objective; however, you can get a basic notion by checking out the Trashed Tools activity within the Nook Miles app on your mobile device.


Is there a way to get unbreakable tools in Animal Crossing?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question in its simplest form is “no.” In the present version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is not possible to acquire or manufacture any tools that are indestructible in any way. On the other hand, you can forge tools with increased durability, which will allow them to outlast other types of tools by a significant margin.

Does helping Gulliver count for golden shovel?

Due to the fact that Gulliver and Gullivarrr are two distinct characters, assisting Gullivarrr will not count toward the Golden Shovel DIY award; however, it will count toward the 1/10/20 encounter nook prizes.

Can you get the golden shovel from Gullivarrr?

If you are able to be of assistance to Gulliver thirty times, you will be rewarded with the recipe for the Golden Shovel. As Gullivarrr is a different character from the rest of the cast, any help you provide him will not count toward the 30 total required to get the Golden Shovel.