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How to Unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring


The Dung Eater Puppet is a Spirit Summon in Elden Ring that is powerful enough to be able to stand on its own and is even capable of potentially soloing weaker enemies in the Lands Between. It is advantageous to have Dung Eater fighting by one’s side during battle because the Puppet holds the Sword of Milos, a Greatsword endowed with the special ability, Shriek of Milos. Having Dung Eater fighting by one’s side will provide a significant advantage. This Elden Ring weapon art can potentially lower an opponent’s protection and their illness resistance. Because of this, Tarnished will be able to trigger status effects much more quickly, such as Frostbite or Blood Loss, and will do more damage as a result of the reduction in the amount of damage that is negated.

In addition, the Dung Eater’s Sword of Milos Greatsword has been charmed with a passive ability that causes Bleed to be applied to everyone it strikes. Therefore, when all of its benefits are considered, the tanky Dung Eater Puppet Spirit Summon can potentially become a useful friend. This is especially true once it has been upgraded with Ghost Gloveworts by Roderika. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining the Dung Eater Puppet in Elder Scrolls Online:

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How to Unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring

It is difficult to unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring since you need to be Tarnished to advance through the questlines for both Dung Eater and Preceptor Seluvis. In addition, players will be tasked with locating the actual body of Dung Eater somewhere within the sewers of Leyndell. Therefore, for the protagonist to access the Royal Capital in Elden Ring, they must have killed at least two demigods and reached a character level of at least 100, which is highly encouraged.

Ring of Elden The first step that the Tarnished must do to begin their attempt to transform Dung Eater into their Puppet is to travel to Leyndell and acquire a single Seedbed Curse. Take the curse with you and offer it to Dung Eater, who can be located in the Roundtable Hold next door to the Twin Maiden Husks. Tarnished will get the Sewer-Gaol Key from him, which may be used to unlock his cell under the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. He will give this key to Tarnished. After accessing his cell and conversing with him, players should go back to his room in the Roundtable Hold to find his note. The message instructs them to confront him at the little moat portion west of the Capital Rampart.

How to Unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring

Return to him in Roundtable Hold after defeating him in Elden Ring and taking his Greatsword to finish the conversation. You can do this after completing Elden Ring. Finally, return to his cell at the underground shaming grounds to see if he is now bound to a chair. The next step is to start the quest for Ranni by chatting with her in Ranni’s Rise. Following her conversation with the departed associates, she should travel to Seluvis’ Rise and converse with Preceptor Seluvis to obtain Seluvis’ Potion.

He will charge the player responsible for delivering this elixir to Nepheli Loux, but Tarnished will provide it to Dung Eater in his cell instead. After that, you should purchase all of Seluvis’s Sorceries and read his message within his hidden Puppet Lab, located north of Ranni’s Rise. You will be given one Puppet if you go back to him. After you have summoned it, return to Seluvis and ask for another Puppet.

What would happen if the Dung Eater in Elden Ring were given Seluvis’s potion?

Defeating Loretta and surviving the horrors of Caria Manor grants access to the region where Ranni’s questline begins. After chatting with Ranni, you’ll need to drop over and meet some of her friends. Seluvis is one of them; he is an odd man who has a penchant for making people into toys. After your initial encounter with him, he requests a visit, at which point you descend to his tower and receive a potion from him. Three non-player characters (NPCs) can benefit from this elixir: Nepheli, Gideon, and the Dung Eater. 

How to Unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring

The first place to look for the Dung Eater is in the drains of the Royal Capital of Leyndell. You’ll need to locate the well hidden beneath the city’s massive dragon monument to get here. The dragon statue’s well is hidden beneath one of its wings. Once you’ve located the trail, follow it down to the Shunting Ground below ground. Among the underground’s horrific adversaries lies the actual body of the Dung Eater.

How to Unlock the Dung Eater Puppet in Elden Ring

Wait till the Dung Eater’s narrative is over, and he is tied to the chair before giving him Seluvis’s Potion. If you’re interested in the Mending Rune he offers, you don’t have to give him any Seedbed Curses immediately. This can be accomplished by cursing him five times in a seedbed. Give the Dung Eater Seluvis’s Potion when you’re ready to see him out cold. If the Dung Eater is given the potion, he will become a puppet for Seluvis’s collection, just like Nepheli was. A horrific end for some, but one that the Dung Eater deserved. The Dung Eater Puppet, which may be used to call forth ashes, can be purchased from Seluvis at a later time. If you require potent allies, this summon is an excellent choice.


Where is the dung eater puppet summon?

Bring the curse to Dung Eater, who can be located in the Roundtable Hold, in the room adjacent to the Twin Maiden Husks.

What is the most powerful summon in Elden ring?

Fans of Elden Ring tend to agree on one thing: the Mimic Tear is the game’s strongest summon. The Mimic Tear, in its most basic form, makes a carbon clone of your character, down to the last detail. This includes your gear, your motions, and even your spells and abilities.

Is the Mimic Tear the best summon?

If they select the Mimic Tear as their Summon, he will be equipped with the same weapons, allowing the two of them to dispose of large numbers of foes quickly. You may easily defeat even the game’s final boss with the help of this summon. If you have a solid team, this can be the best summon in the game.

Which Ash of War is good?

Flames of Redmane is a fantastic Ashes of War for fire magicians and pyromaniacs. It’s an Ash of War that can be used with any type of weapon and deals fire damage, which is one of the game’s most important status effect damages.