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How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch


The massive player base of Fortnite is regularly treated to exciting new seasons and content releases. The gaming consoles and the PC platform both receive new material through the use of software upgrades. The majority of the time, these updates are installed automatically; but, in the event that you are unable to view newly published information, the following instructions will assist you. You will discover how to update Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch console by following the instructions in this guide.

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How to Install the Latest Version of Fortnite on Switch?

On the Nintendo Switch, updating Fortnite can be done in two different ways. The first method is the manual one, in which you will manually install and run the most recent update, as well as verify the download. The second method is called Automatic update, and it will automatically update all of the games on your Switch system. To update Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch, please follow the instructions that are listed below.

1. Choose Fortnite from the menu on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch.

2. To access the Game Options, press the plus sign.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

3. Choose Software Update from the list of options on the left.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

4. You will have two choices available to you. If you choose this option, the Switch system will connect to the internet and download the most recent update for Fortnite.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

5. The second one will check for players in the immediate area and update the game.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

How to Turn on Automatic Updates on Switch?

To ensure that your Switch always has the most recent version of each game, make sure that Automatic Updates is turned on.

1. You may access Settings by going to the Home screen.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

2. On the System tab, scroll all the way down to the bottom from the left.

How to Update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

3. Check the box next to Additional Information to enable Automatic Updates.

The Nintendo Switch will independently check the game’s integrity and update it as necessary. You are free to keep this option selected, and if you are still unable to view new updates in Fortnite, you will need to use the manual technique in order to get Fortnite up to date on your Nintendo Switch. The latest update enables you to access the newly released content.


Why is Fortnite not updating on my Nintendo Switch?

From the HOME menu, navigate to your user page, then click User Settings; from there, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and select Update Download Progress. If the problem continues after you have restarted the console, wait for it to connect to the internet before continuing.

Why does Fortnite take so long to update on Switch?

There are a few reasons why people are reporting that the download on their Nintendo Switch is taking an extremely long time. The first reason is that the Nintendo Switch’s internet connection is noticeably slower than that of competing platforms. The second possible explanation is that the size of the game prevents it from being downloaded in a single session.

Why is Fortnite stuck on checking for updates?

The “Checking for Updates” screen in Fortnite becoming unresponsive and frozen is typically caused when your game is unable to communicate with the servers in the correct manner. If you are experiencing this difficulty, we strongly suggest that you check the official Fortnite Status account on Twitter.

Is Fortnite working on Nintendo Switch?

The widely played battle royale video game Fortnite, which is developed by Epic Games and available for free on the Nintendo Switch, It must be claimed using a first-party eShop app in order to be downloaded, as is the case with all digital Switch titles. This guide will walk you through downloading and installing the popular video game Fortnite on Nintendo’s hybrid home system.

Does Fortnite damage your brain?

Researchers have discovered that playing games like Fortnite and others that are highly addicting can have the same effect on young people’s brains as drinking excessively or abusing drugs. The researchers made the startling discovery that the so-called reward systems of young heavy players have the identical modifications in structure and function as the reward systems of people who are addicted to narcotics.

Why is it called Fortnite?

A fortnight is a period of time that consists of 14 consecutive days (2 weeks). The phrase “fourteen nights” is where we get our word from; it comes from the Old English term “fowertene niht” (or “fourteen days,” since the Anglo-Saxons counted by nights).