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How to Upgrade the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring


Players that enter the game wearing an Elden Ring are rewarded with a Sacred Flask right away at the start of the encounter. Those who are familiar with the Soulsborne video game series will understand immediately what this is for, which is to heal you and refill your FP meter. Those who are not familiar with the series will not comprehend what this is for. The procedure for upgrading the Sacred Flask to increase the number of charges it can hold can be one that causes players to halt and think before continuing. Following the steps outlined in this article will allow you to improve the Sacred Flask while you are inside the Elden Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Upgrade the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring

The other primary drink container in Elden Ring is the Flask of Wondrous Physick. The Sacred Flask is one of two primary drink containers in Elden Ring. When it comes to the Sacred Flask, the only place you’ll be able to improve it is at a Site of Grace by using the Flasks menu. You have a number of options on how to proceed here:

  • To the flask, add the charge.
  • Increase the amount that is refilled by the flasks.
  • Charges for flasks should be assigned.

How to Upgrade the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring

The first choice provides you with the opportunity to make more uses of the flask before its power is depleted. You will begin the game with four sacred flasks, three of which contain crimson tears and one of which contains cerulean tears. You can raise this total with Golden Seeds by making use of the “Add charge to flask” option in the game’s menu. If you want to increase the number of charges you have available, you are going to need an increasing quantity of Golden Seeds. For instance, in order to make use of four Golden Seeds, you will require ten charges after you have reached that point.

The second choice provides you with the opportunity to increase the potency of the flasks. Because of this, the Flask of Crimson Tears will restore more health points, while the Flask of Cerulean Tears will replenish your Focus (FP) meter more quickly. The Focus meter is the one that determines how much magic, skills, and spirit you may use. In order to select this option, you will need to possess Sacred Tears.

How to Upgrade the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring

The final option gives you the opportunity to select the quantity of each individual kind. While pure-melee builds are more likely to wish to have solely Crimson Tears in their inventory, sorcerers will want to have a few Cerulean Tears so that they can get more freedom of movement during extended battles.


How do you get +12 flasks in Elden Ring?

You need one Seed to upgrade to six Flasks in total. You need two Seeds to upgrade to eight Flasks in total. You really want 3 Seeds for redesigns expanding to 10 complete Carafes. You need four Seeds to upgrade to 12 Flasks in total.

How many sacred flasks are in Elden Ring?

Where to locate each of the Elden Ring’s 12 Sacred Tears. Strengthen even more. Enhancing your flasks is an important task in Elden Ring that will undoubtedly help you in the Lands Between. We have discussed how to find Golden Seeds to increase the number of flasks available.

Should I use Sacred Tear to increase HP?

You will want to make sure that your Flask uses are more effective as you increase your Vigor stat, which increases HP, or your Mind stat, which increases FP, which increases FP. The ideal scenario is for a single use to completely refill your gauges. Finding Sacred Tears allows you to boost flask charges in this manner.

Does Golden Seed last forever?

Furthermore, yes – this is a super durable redesign, which makes sense of why Brilliant Seeds are so important. When you have enough for a redesign, tracking down a Site of Elegance to utilize them ought to be a genuine need, as that additional drink of Tears could be what helps you live or kick the bucket in your next experience.

When should I use my Golden Seed?

You can utilize one Brilliant Seed to redesign the jar two times before you’ll require two Brilliant Seeds. After two overhauls the sum goes up one again until at long last you really want five Brilliant Seeds for a redesign.