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How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends


It’s not just for gamers, but absolutely anyone can use the great and cost-free chat application known as Discord. You and your friends are able to watch movies together through the streaming service Netflix (or another video source) if you utilize the Go Live feature of Discord. The operation is as follows:

Before you can get started, you need to make sure that the Discord programme on your Windows 10 computer or Mac has the most recent update installed, that you have a new Discord server set up, and that you have invited your friends to join it.

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How to Add a Browser or Netflix App as a Game to Discord

The browser or the app that you use to watch Netflix will not be used automatically by Discord because it does not identify or use the streaming source. If you wish to stream a movie or a television show, you will need to add it as a game to Discord and make sure that it is active at all times.

Launch the Discord app, then locate your username in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and click on the gear icon that appears next to it.

How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends

Once the Settings window has opened, navigate to the tab labelled ” Activity status “ that is located to the left of the “Game Settings” header.

How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends

To access the context-sensitive option for adding the browser, select “Add It” from the hyperlink that appears next to the text that reads “Not seeing your game” in the right-hand pane.

How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends

Simply clicking the arrow to the right will bring up a list of the programmes that Discord is able to identify. Choose the web browser you wish to use (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox) so that you can stream videos online.

How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends

After selecting a browser, you can add that browser as a game to your server by clicking on the “Add Game” button.

How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends

Depending on the option you select, Discord will select it and place a “Now playing” label underneath it.

You can leave the Settings menu by pressing the Esc key. Before we go any further, let’s turn off the hardware acceleration in the browser you picked for streaming Netflix videos.


Can you stream movies legally on Discord?

Is it against the law to watch movies on Discord? You are right, on the one hand, that it is not all that dissimilar from asking people over to see a movie at your place, and on the other hand, you are wrong. This is within the Law. owing to the fact that this will not be a viewing that is open to the general public.

Why can’t I stream movies on Discord?

The fact that Discord frequently requires administrator access to your computer is one of the most prevalent reasons why it does so. If your drivers aren’t working properly, you won’t be able to hear anything, which means you won’t be able to participate in a game or watch a movie.

Can I screen share a movie on Discord?

Users of Discord are able to chat to one another in real time while juggling many tasks thanks to the platform’s voice channels. Additionally, it features a screen-sharing function that enables many users to watch the same movie simultaneously with the use of a single streaming connection.

Is it illegal to stream movies?

While it is not against the law to stream content in the United States, it most definitely is to download it. Every time you download something, you are creating a copy of the work, which is an obvious violation if it is done without the permission of the person who owns the copyright. The owner of the copyright has the sole discretion over whether or not copies can be made.

Why is Netflix black screen on Discord?

The hardware acceleration is one of the most frequently occurring causes of the black screen when using Discord to watch Netflix. It is recommended that you disable the hardware acceleration feature of your browser if you are experiencing the black screen problem. There are a variety of ways to disable the hardware acceleration, and each one is dependent on the web browser that you use.

Can you watch Netflix on Discord?

Make sure you have both the Netflix app and the Discord app loaded on your mobile device if you want to be able to stream Netflix on it. After that, proceed with the stages as follows: Launch both Netflix and Discord, and if you aren’t already signed up to either service, do so now. After opening Discord, navigate to the server you wish to communicate with and pick a voice channel.