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How to Use Sprays in Valorant


Competitive shooters and graffiti have long past hand in hand for ages. Valorant isn’t anyt any exception on this regard. Valorant gamers can use their selected sprays on partitions and different surfaces. This is absolutely an act of expressing themselves with the assist of varied spray paints. Although via gaming history, acts of expressing self have ended up fueling greater horrific manners (called BM) and impudence. But it’s nonetheless a pleasant contact and it livens up the ecosystem inside Valorant, simply because it used to, in Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, or Overwatch.

Sprays, although, has been quite a conventional feature in shooters as mentioned above, Riot has put their own spin on it and made it stand out among others.

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How to Use Sprays in Valorant

The default keybind for the usage of sprays in Valorant is T. The participant can press the hotkey at the same time as searching at a wall or floor to apply their sprays. Depending on in which the participant become aiming at at the same time as urgent the hotkey, the spray might seem on that surface.

The default keybind can, of course, be modified as in line with a participant’s preference. The maximum precise and modern component approximately Valorant sprays is that a participant can equip 3 sprays relying at the time in a round. Players can select pre, mid and post round sprays from their Collection tab. Thus, a participant can use sprays a most of 3 instances every round.

For example, a participant can use a courteous ‘GLHF’ spray withinside the pre round slot. Then an agent-particular spray for the mid round after which a salt shaker spray for the post round to inflict sass.

Players can unencumber sprays in a plethora of ways. Sprays may be effortlessly received with the aid of using simply leveling up money owed and leveling up agent contracts. The Valorant Battle Pass additionally offers gamers with a few first rate sprays.



How do I choose my weapon spray?

This animated spray is awarded to you for free by completing Chapter 8 Tier 40 of Ignition : Act 2 Battlepass. You do not need to purchase the premium pass to get this item.

How do I make cat spray Valorant?

This spray can be purchased in the in-game shop for 325 Valorant Points. Also, if you purchase Glitchpop Bundle for 8,700 Valorant Points, then a spray is awarded to you for free.

What is spraying in Valorant?

Spraying in Valorant is for those who are not good with one tap but can control their recoil. ARs like Phantom and machine guns are best for spraying. Spraying occurs when you hold down the trigger and control the recoil to shoot the best.

Is there a spray pattern in Valorant?

Yes, it does. Similarly to CS: GO, Rainbow 6: Siege, and other tactical shooters, recoil patterns are a factor in Valorant. The game’s spray patterns are highly randomized, however, and movement decreases your accuracy significantly. Automatic weapon patterns suffer from this the most.