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How to Use Void Suppression in Destiny 2


The most recent version, Void 3.0, has placed a larger emphasis on the gameplay mechanism known as void suppression, which can be seen in Destiny 2. Before that, this mechanism was essentially only available to select Titan and Hunter builds; however, now that it is open to more players, it is important for them to grasp how it functions. Void suppression is not only helpful in combat, but it is also required to finish certain objectives, such as the reward offered by Zavala for having your vacuum sealed. In this guide, you will learn how to use the void suppression feature in Destiny 2 properly. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Void Suppression in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the term “void suppression” refers to any ability that has the effect of suppressing an opponent. When an adversary is affected by the affects of this mechanic, that enemy loses the ability to use any abilities, including double leaps, grenades, Supers, and, in the case of PVE combatants, the ability to shoot their weapon.

In Destiny 2, the optimal strategy for using Void suppression depends on the class you play. Nevertheless, one weapon that is shared by all classes is the Suppressor Grenade, which, when detonated, causes an enemy to become immobilized. Make sure that all of the Void grenades are unlocked before attempting to use this one if you haven’t done so already.

How to Use Void Suppression in Destiny 2

If we take the Suppressor Grenade as an example, after it detonates, any adversary that is caught in the blast will have their abilities greatly reduced. For the sake of abilities such as the Nightstalker Shadowshot, a foe is considered suppressed if it is bound to the tether in some way.

Finally, if you observe a purple glow emanating from an adversary’s vicinity, this indicates that the adversary is currently suffering from the effects of Void suppression. They are unable to use any of their powers while they are repressed, as shown by this shimmering affect.

Vacuum Sealed bounty

If your only option is to use a grenade, try to use weapons that have Demolitionist or increase your Discipline armor stat so you can quickly charge another one. Ideally, you would use a Hunter’s Shadowshot to tether a large group of foes. If you’re trying to complete bounties like Zavala’s Vacuum Sealed bounty, you should prioritize employing skills that reduce your foes’ effectiveness. The Suppressing Glaive mod found in the Seasonal Artifact during Season of the Risen causes an opponent to become suppressed if the user deals damage to them with a glaive.

How to Use Void Suppression in Destiny 2

Remember that the bounty will not be awarded for anything that dies from an attack before the debuff is applied. This means that the death of a Thrall caused by a grenade won’t reduce your score. Try to use weapons with the Demolitionist trait or boost your Discipline armor stat if you have to resort to using a grenade. A Hunter’s Shadowshot is the best option for corralling a large number of enemies.


How does void work in Destiny 2?

Arc and Solar are just two of the many known manifestations of the Light; another one of these is Void. It is connected to gravity and the warping of spacetime, and those who wield it are able to create black holes, gravity waves, and other effects that distort spacetime. Additionally, it belongs to the category of harm caused by elements.

Where is the Void Abilities menu?

Instructions on how to unlock each and every Void Ability in Destiny 2

You should begin by making your way to the tower as soon as possible. After that, make your way on foot to Ikora Rey, which is located close to Hawthorne. Having a conversation with her and purchasing all of the available upgrades from her is all that is required of you. Then, while at the meditative ring on the right, keep pressing and holding X until they are completely unlocked.

How does void volatility work Destiny 2?

It is necessary to deal damage with Volatile Rounds to an adversary in Destiny 2 in order to inflict the Void Volatility debuff upon them. The Void Volatility debuff causes an opponent to start glowing purple whenever it is applied to them. After suffering additional damage, these targets will explode, dealing damage not only to themselves but also to any other targets that are nearby.

What is the best void class in Destiny 2?

Warlocks are by far the greatest class to play the new Void subclass on in Destiny 2, despite the fact that all classes have been granted access to certain new and strong features and pieces to play with.

What is the best void grenade in Destiny 2?

In the player vs environment mode of Destiny 2, it can not be argued that Vortex Grenades are the best Void Grenades. They do significant damage and are able to wipe out foes in large numbers all at once. They are the finest option for anyone running Void, but Warlocks in particular will benefit greatly from their use of the Void.

How do you use super in Destiny 2 PC?

Your Super Ability is activated by pressing the F key, as this is the default setting. You are free to switch them around if you do not prefer that configuration. Personally, I prefer to utilize the Middle Mouse Button, thus I mapped my Super Ability to it and changed the key that controls my melee attacks to F.