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How to Win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy


People have been impatiently waiting for a fantastic wizarding game ever since the magical world of Harry Potter was presented to the general public. In Hogwarts Legacy, every devoted wizard will strive to take home the House Cup. According to the games’ movie and book inspirations, this prize is given to the house with the most points earned over the academic year. This article explains how to win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy

Fortunately, points given out during gameplay and mentioned in cutscenes serve no purpose in taking home the game’s House Cup. As long as you fulfill some standards, any house you are in will be the one to take home the trophy. Remember that you can only do this once the main tale has been finished.


Finishing The House Cup Mission is all you have to do to win the House Cup. When you complete the “Weasley’s Watchful Eye” post-main quest, this assignment becomes accessible.

How to Win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy

Not only must you complete the House Cup quest, but you also need to level up to 34. By completing side quests, relationship missions, and gathering objects along the way, you can earn as many experience points as possible. Invading dark wizard camps scattered around the realm and eliminating as many adversaries as possible will also help you gain experience points swiftly.

How to Win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy

All you need to do is go to the Hogwarts school’s Great Hall once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites for taking home the House Cup. Here, you can start a cutscene and see your particular house win the championship. Congratulations, you have just become one of Hogwarts’ greatest legacies!

What is the House Cup?

You probably aren’t familiar with the House Cup if you haven’t been following the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Like many high schools nowadays, Hogwarts’ wizarding community is organized into four houses. A teacher may give a pupil house points for every assignment completed well or for good conduct.

The Hogwarts principal awards the house with the most points a prestigious cup after each wizarding academic year. The house competes with one another regularly to win the cup, which serves as a sign of respect and honor for the house. We have some excellent news if you’ve already finished the game and are wondering if there is even a House Cup.


Does the House Cup end the game in Hogwarts Legacy?

The House Cup serves as the game’s True Ending, requiring you to attend the House Cup Ceremony in the Great Hall and determine the winner for your House. It is the second primary mission post-game in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you use Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

Some spells are effective, some are potent, and some are just plain wrong. Avada Kedavra is one such unforgivable curse, and yes, you can use the killing spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Does the House Cup matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

No matter whatever house the Hogwarts Legacy sorting hat deposits you in, there is theoretically a chance for you to gain a piece of the glory as a member of the top Hogwarts Legacy house since winning the House Cup is a badge of honor for all students in the school.

Is the House Cup worth it, Hogwarts Legacy?

It’s worth finishing The House Cup quest and bringing all the glory to your individual Hogwarts House. It’s comforting to see the “real” conclusion to Hogwarts Legacy.