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How visual effects(vfx) in games are made?


What is vfx in games? Visual effects(VFX) are the key to video games, allowing us to see and interact with all these beautiful worlds. They’re created in various ways, from original real-life footage to digital 3D models in our imagination. VFX can sometimes be used as a story device; a significant event or important character will not be shown when it disrupts the scene’s dramatic tension or causes too many hints about its reality. VFX can be used to show how a person is feeling, give us an indication that something is not what it seems, or even show the importance of an event. It can also increase the story’s tension or interact with the characters in the most remarkable ways. The following is a short tutorial on how visual effects(VFX) are made:

1. Real-life filming

People are more than willing to give up their time; some are even willing to take a plane or a boat to get there. However, with that, it can only sometimes be guaranteed that the moment they capture would cut. This can be caused by different things such as lighting, equipment issues and even weather conditions. Although it is possible that footage would be saved after all of this, there will still be editing issues and footage needing to be appropriately integrated. Although this is an issue with actual life footage, not all video games would have these issues. But what if we could use real-life footage in our game? What if we could use the footage of actual events that happened to create a realistic effect in the game? Well I will answer those questions shortly.

2. 3d Characters, Atmosphere, and lighting

Gaming doesn’t always need to be seen by us on a screen, and sometimes it is more interesting to see a city or even an object from another angle. This is where 3D models come in. While this differs from what we will discuss, some amazing things can be done with 3D models. For example, instead of using a small number of mountains in your game, you could use a massive map to make the game feel more significant and complete. This goes hand in hand with the atmosphere of a game which is also something we want to include as well as lighting. These three things together help make the final product that much more realistic and in some cases, even breathtaking.

3. Gifography

Gifography is taking one video frame and creating a gif from it alone. While it is more common for use in advertising, some people have taken to creating short animations from current events or previous games, such as the new Doom game coming out next year. The possibilities are endless when you can create the effect that you want. This is something that we can do as well with video games. Instead of using a few frames of video, we can take a full game and make our gif. The only reason animators use this method is that they usually have a finished product in mind before they start, and having all the frames in your hand would be much harder than taking individual ones.

4. Models

Although they are used in many ways, models are essential to how we see games today. When creating models, you never want them to look unrealistic. This is because if the characters are not realistic, how will we believe they exist? Models need to be based on photographs of places or people, and more importantly, they need to be based on a person. Models can either be 3D (which is much better) or 2D(which can also be used in some ways). Models are mainly used for weapons and characters but could just as easily be a sky or a set of trees.

5. Graphic Design and integration

graphic design is how we see the game and interact with it. It is how we know that a button will have an effect or what a button even is in the first place. Without this skill, nothing would look as realistic as it does today without VFX(Visual Effects). So if someone says that they are a graphic designer, they are not lying. They are essential to the making of games today. The work that graphic designers do is not limited to just designing the graphics in our game; they can also be used to create sound effects or even environments. it is essential to understand the work that a graphic designer does, if you need to know how they help you, then you will struggle in the future and there will be no point in having them.

6. Animators

Animators animate 2D or 3D models depending on what is required of them. Although animators are much less common in video games, they are still important. Animating can be used in various ways; to increase the tension of a game, to interact with characters and even to make the game more interesting. This sounds like a lot, but if you’re willing to learn some basic principles, consider studying animation. Video game vfx in the future will be even more advanced, but the work done now can be pretty basic.

7. Concept art

The art of video game vfx is critical. With it, our games look better than they do today. It is difficult to explain precisely what it does, but when you see a game with little to no facial animations or a character that doesn’t look like a real person, it’s probably because of its concept art. It is essential to have concept art to get a good idea of what you want your character, environment, or anything else in your game to look like. With this, it would be easier to create a realistic effect that matches everyone’s standards.


This is only the beginning of the video game vfx. What you learn now can be applied to future games, but understanding it later would be more complex than studying it now. If you want to get into this field, look at ways to study it. You can join a local group with others or even find one on the internet for guidance. Vfx development services, along with professional game developers, are also a great way to get into the field.