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Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio For Android, PC and iOS


Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio

Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio Build a Vtuber and Stream

Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) have exploded in popularity in recent years because they allow content creators to hide their identities while forging distinct online personalities.

As a result, there is a greater call for programmes that facilitate the development of individual avatars and the subsequent realisation of digital personae.

Comes in the form of Hyper, a comprehensive live-streaming and recording solution that includes an avatar creator.

Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio For PC

Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio app is just available for iOS mobile and ipad users. As soon as it will be available we will share URL here to download it.

The Android Version of Hyper Vtuber’s Avatar Creator

Unfortunately, the Hyper Vtuber Avatar Studio app is now only accessible on the iOS platform. As soon as it will be available for android users we will share here the app.


Using their smartphones, VTubers and avatar builders may now go live, record, and animate with the help of an app called Hyper. Users can make their own unique animated avatars with the help of sophisticated facial and hand motion capture software. It’s simple for users to import their own avatars and utilise them in the programme because it works with VRoid 3D avatars,.VRM files, and Live2D avatars.

Ease of Use

A great feature of Hyper is how simple it is to start using right away. The avatar creator in this app is quite user-friendly, and it allows users to make changes to their characters in real time.

You can make an avatar and begin streaming in no time, even if you’re not very tech savvy.

Streaming and Taping in Real Time

Hyper is a full live-streaming and recording suite, not just an avatar maker. The app supports live broadcasting, social networking with other VTubers, and streaming content in professional quality by mirroring the app’s output to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Hyper lets its users make videos for streaming on services like Twitch or Twitter or making music videos or even making Discord voice calls.

Progressive Alteration

Hyper is always becoming better, with the developers constantly updating the app and adding new features including support for more devices and advancements in the program’s avatar technology. Getting the most out of the app is a breeze thanks to the helpful support staff who are always on hand to respond to questions and offer guidance.


To bring your own VTuber character to life, all you need is Hyper, a groundbreaking tool that makes it simple. Because of its sophisticated capabilities, user-friendliness, and ongoing development, it is an ideal resource for anyone wishing to make original and interesting media for digital distribution.