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In August of 2023, the Pokemon Go Fest will be held in three different cities


The Pokemon Go Fest will take place in New York City, which is located in the United States of America, this year. It will be held from August 18-20 in Randall’s Island Park (as well as all around the five boroughs of the city), and it will take place from August 18-20. The Pokemon event that takes place once a year is going to make its debut in the city of New York for the very first time. Niantic will also host in-person events of a similar sort from August 4 to 6 in London, England and Osaka, Japan respectively. These events will be of a similar character. The following is an extract from the press release that was issued in relation to the impending event:

“Niantic expects tens of thousands of Pokemon GO Trainers (players) from around the world to head to the Big Apple to meet up with fellow Trainers in person, enjoy exclusive gameplay, receive special bonuses, and much more.” This remark was made in the announcement that was distributed to the media in advance of the event that will take place in New York City. At this time, admission to any of the three events that are being staged can be purchased using the appropriate ticket. Niantic is offering early-bird ticket pricing at a reduced rate of $25 (instead of $30) for a limited time only.

This offer is only valid while supplies last. After that, on the 26th and 27th of August, Niantic will be conducting the Pokemon GO Fest Global event, which will allow Trainers to compete from within their local cities. The event will take place in Japan, North America, and Europe. This event will include special elements all over the place, and it will not require players to travel to any one city in order to participate. However, each ticket for this event will cost $15, and there will be no exceptions.