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Insofta Cover Commander 5.8.0


Insofta Cover Commander 5.8.0

Spread Commander makes proficient, specially crafted three-dimensional virtual boxes for your product, digital books, iPhone/iPad applications, manuals, DVD and CD boxes, CD circles, cards, and even screen captures. Only a couple of mouse clicks – that is everything necessary to take care of business. Broad light, shadow, and reflection controls available to you will empower you to take a picture of pretty much any unpredictability and view the last picture as it is being set aside a few minutes see the window.

Insofta Cover Commander 5.8.0

Motivations to go with Cover Commander:

  • Get your spread structured in only a couple of mouse clicks – Box, Box with circle, Disk, Screenshot, Curved screen capture, Book, Thin book, Manual, Vista box, Card, Spiral book, Monitor, TV, iPhone 5s/5c, iPad, iPad with spread, Blu-beam box, Blu-beam with plate, DVD box, DVD box with circle, CD box, CD box with circle.
  • Let the inherent wizards do the messy work for you and spotlight on the imaginative subtleties of the spread.
  • Make numerous tasks, parse various pictures – with a solitary order (cluster mode).
  • Spare the outcome picture with straightforward foundation and utilize the image for the intricate web or print structures.
  • Spare the light, shadow, and reflection settings under an extraordinary name and utilize those settings in different undertakings.
  • Set the outcome picture size (up to 4000×4000) and edges in pixels.
  • Draw your client’s consideration with an energized box, spread or screen capture.
  • Spread Commander does not require the 3D quickening agent to render 3D objects.
  • Try not to pay more than what it really expenses to make an incredible spread. Make extra takes care of at no expense by any stretch of the imagination!

Spread Commander 5.8.0 changelog:

  • We are presently offering a membership buy alternative. Regardless of whether you utilize the program frequently or you need it just for a one-time venture, this will enable you to have the present form and set aside cash.
  • Presently when you right-click on the surface show, you will get the menu for working with surfaces. Doubletap – peruse.
  • Surfaces taxi be changed. They can be trimmed, pivoted and flipped.
  • The surface choice menu currently incorporates late pictures and ongoing organizers.
  • “Spare Image”: When you spare a custom-size picture while protecting the extents, the principle size (width or stature) is additionally spared.
  • “Spare Image”: Now size incorporate paddings.
  • CMYK JPEG backing included.
  • Direction line parameters changed.
  • A few minor bugs fixed.

Download: Cover Commander 5.8.0 | 35.8 MB (Shareware)
Link: Cover Commander Home Page

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