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Is it easy to obtain Spanish residency?


Spain is famous for its people, its food, its beaches, its culture and, of course, because of its weather. The sun bathes this country’s lands for long hours, but Spain has some more reasons to start a new life in any of its cities.

For sure, you have thought of moving to Spain but, is it easy to obtain Spanish residency? Lucky you, because we are going to talk to you about the process to move into this country and about how to do it easily.

How to being eligible for residence in Spain

Moving to another county can produce several apprehensions and fears. It is not the same to go on holiday, which is enjoyable, that planning a full move to have a fresh start.

If you are planning to move to Spain, it is essential to know that this move comes with some responsibilities that you have to assume. The most important is to obtain Spanish residency, as you need it to be a Spanish citizen.

Normally these types of processes are long and tedious, but you have to be concerned about the residency rules or about your status, which are crucial when it comes to being eligible for residency or not.

As there are so many things that you have to take into account, the best idea is to turn to an expert that can help you to make this process easier.

In this sense, the company MySpainVisa has 15 years of experience and its staff is formed by lawyers, with knowledge in this subject, that are willing to help you.

The importance of choosing experts to help you with your Spanish residence

Resorting to a team of immigration experts is the best that you can do, as they understand all the policies related to immigration. Due to that, they are going to recommend to you what is the best choice for relocation.

But, what are the options that you have to move to Spain permanently or temporarily? We are going to talk to you about all of them to make the nightmare of moving to another country a sweet dream.

Types of Spanish residency and work permits

Bureaucracy can be a problem, as it normally implicates intricate processes that are even more stressful if you do not know which type of residency permit is better for you.

Permits to live and work in Spain

If you want to live in Spain and also work there, the first thing that you have to take into account is that you need a work visa in place before your arrival, which means that you need to find a job to be able to start the process.

Family visa or marriage

Another common way to obtain Spanish residency is by marrying to a Spanish citizen, which only requires you to fill some forms to obtain your own residence permit.

Another way is by means of a member of your family, but you need to have a long-term relative resident in Spain to reunite with them.

These are not the only options and for that reason it is crucial to count on experts that can help you to decide which permit is better for your situation.