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Is It Really Addiction From Online Games Harmful To Your Health?


Here’s all about gaming addiction and how you can recognize the first symptoms, what to do in order to prevent it and so much more. Although rare, this issue may affect you, so it is important to know all about it.

These days there are a lot of people talking about addiction to online games and the side effects. But, is this issue harmful to your health, and which problems related to your health can you expect, if there are any? We will give you all the answers below.

Possible Issues

Most gamers like playing games due to the fact this helps them escape reality and be in the world they like. Addiction to online casinos, although may sound completely different has the same or at least similar results. This form of addiction doesn’t have serious side effects on overall health. Many people are still denying that gaming addiction exists.

So yes, you are free to play video games as much as you like and odds are low that you will have any issues. This applies to most children and all adults. The situation is once again, the same when it comes to gambling which is not the same as gaming. Today you can easily find a suitable casino such as $10 minimum deposit casinos and play all the games you like. A minimum deposit casino is a site that allows you to deposit a very small amount of money and still play games. These amounts are typically around $10 and for that, you still get a bonus and all the related perks. As you can see, gambling is fun.

These casinos are a great option for those who want to invest little and learn about a game or that particular online casino. They are also great for those who are unable to make higher deposits but still want to play. After all, gambling and gaming are extremely fun and they are treated as the best forms of entertainment.

Let’s back to the main matter. Cyber bullying is a big issue these days and it affects children the most. This is a virtual variation of ‘’traditional’’ bullying you know about. Children who are bullied are upset, sad, and even depressed. Online grooming is another thing you need to worry about if you are a child who plays video games. The last issue is addiction itself. This can be seen among gamers and gamblers who play at online casinos although the addiction is rarer than you may believe.

Signs Of Addiction

Regardless of the fact you are playing slots to win or for fun, or you just play video games, signs of addiction are identical. Here are the most common ones:

  •       A person must play games or he will get upset
  •       They neglect work and family due to gaming
  •       He or she is lying about playing games
  •       Lack of sleep
  •       Avoiding hobbies and all activities that a person liked before addiction

These are usually the first and the most common signs. It is even more complicated when it comes to real money players but they still show all of these signs. Try to notice the symptoms as soon as you can.

How To Avoid Gaming Addiction

The best thing to do is to forget about your rewards and try to prevent the addiction as much as you can. For this, you should limit the time you play games. Start with one hour per day and adjust it accordingly. Secondly, you will want to keep smartphones and laptops away from your bedroom, so you don’t play when you should be sleeping. Last, you will want to have a lot of physical activity and try to spend as much time outside, with your friends as you can.

These sound simple and they are. However, these three tips are extremely important and they can prevent addiction easily. For the best results use all of them on a daily basis and you will be fine.


If you like gaming, gambling, and earnings, you will want to know about this matter. This form of addiction is extremely rare and it has small effects on your health but a massive effect on the way of life. Use the prevention tips we have revealed to you and you will be fine. As you were able to see, these are extremely simple but they are very effective.

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