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Tips and tricks to surviving DayZ


If you love survival games, here is the game that takes it to a new level. So, how do you survive this game without dying as many threat looms over you? DayZ players face a lot of challenges ranging from zombies, other players, and even hunger. They must avoid the undead, fight the enemy players and also find food to keep living. But funny enough, DayZ and death are like Siamese twins. So, there’s no way you won’t die in the game.

You’re going to die in the game and also lose all your items.  Sometimes, you may avoid every other threat, but mother luck deals a bad hand, and you’re dead. So, we encourage you to pay attention to our tips and trick to surviving longer in DayZ. Also, we recommend that you grab a proven DayZ aimbot hack to make the game worth playing for you.

If you’re ready to dive in and survive, check the details below.

DayZ Tips and Tricks for Survival

1.    Target the profitable locations

Survival is important when playing DayZ. So, you’ll need to find all the foods, items, and materials you need to stay alive a little longer. But don’t wander aimlessly. Check the locations that have what you need. For instance, if you locate the “Piano House,” you’re sure to get good things. This house has three doors, and you can find food, ammo, clothing, and even food on the first floor. So, after grabbing those items, move to the police stations for clothing, weapons, and ammo too. Another great place to check is military tents. This location has suitable attachments for your guns, backpacks, firearm, clothing, and even food.

2.    Concentrate on Important items

Many items exist on the map, but do you need them all? The answer is no. So, what are the important items to search for in the game? The first one is a stone knife which is a good weapon, of course. Then you need to find rags, bandages, plus an IZH-43 shotgun.

Bandages & rags are very important to stop your bleeding. If you don’t have rags to tie on a bleeding wound, be ready for an imminent zombie attack. The shotgun is also helpful, especially when you want to deceive bandits. The gun will fit into your backpack and becomes your saving grace when you’ve dropped other weapons.

3.    Find some painkillers

Healing injections such as morphine are very important in DayZ. Whether you plan to or not, you will be wounded in the game and won’t be able to crouch, walk or run. In such a condition, you’ll need a morphine shot to heal your character.

So, as you play the game or loot, search for a morphine injection and keep it handy. One of the places you can find it is in a clinic or a hospital. So, don’t miss it.

4.    Blend into your surrounding

One of the tricks you need up your sleeve is to blend with your environment. The simplest way to do it is to camouflage your clothing to match your surroundings. In DayZ, you can achieve that by spraying some paints on the Firefighter Axe and Mosin to confuse the enemies. If no one sees you, how are they going to shoot you? While on the camouflage, another pro tip is to avoid bright colors. Drawing attention to yourself will likely kill you faster.

5.    Don’t move through open places.

One of the worst places to move through in this game is the road. Once you appear on the road, expect the shots because they’ll fly all over you. So, always move through places where no one will see you. You can move through the bushes, forest, and even the backyards to hide. Also, if you must approach any location, investigate a little before coming forward. Don’t forget that zombies are everywhere and may not be moving a lot. So, if you approach carelessly, a lazy undead can bring you down.

6.    Find zombie-killing weapons.

Playing on a map with zombies is going to be challenging for you. So, the best thing is to grab some melee weapons that deal great damage on them. In DayZ, the top weapons that can take them down include Sledgehammer, Firefighter Axe, Machete, Pick Axe, Stone Knife, Hatchet, etc. However, these weapons are deadly on the heads of the undead. So, very important also is to target their heads always if you don’t provoke them and die.


Surviving in DayZ is very tough, but we know you can stay alive as long as possible. So make sure you’re prepared for the enemies as well as feeding yourself very well. Also, avoid the roads and stay alert to know when the zombies are coming.

Remember, don’t forget the morphine, as it will help you heal. Also, find some rags and bandages to stop the blood from attracting zombies.

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