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Spice Up Your Game with These COD Warzone Tricks


COD Warzone

Have you been playing warzone for quite some time and got bored of the same usual gameplay? That happens more often than we imagine amongst gamers. They, as a result, either quit or move on to some other game.

COD Warzone is a compilation of speed, technique, presence of mind, immediate reaction, and prior planning. But sometimes, the mandated rule of winning the battle seems mundane when you yield no results in the end.

Are you getting bored with COD warzone? Here is a list of tips and tricks that can bring life back to your game!

Parachute Trick

Before the player lands, he is at the peak of his vulnerability. Enemies lurking nearby would see him coming down and immediately start firing from the ground. Unfortunately, while attached to the parachute, the player can be easily killed.

Therefore, a secret hack has been discovered by warzone players.

While in mid-air, the player can break his flight and land on a nearby surface without needing to go all the way down to the mouth of the shark.

They can break their flight by hitting on a nearby edge and immediately take their fighting stances. This method is, however, applicable only when the player is precise about its decision to land.

Variety of Equipments

Keep looting and collecting equipment on the way. If you need money for that, use the contracts to earn money, which is risky but worth a shot. Or, you can also use the safest one, the supply run, a newly added feature of the season 4 COD warzone that gets you items at discounted prices.

A variety of equipment makes you fortified and formidable to face any situation. Do not depend on one single weapon and keep a stock of your arms. You may never know when the enemy attacks. The highest risk is in the face to face combat and when ransacking loadouts.

The Battles at Gulag

If you have met the terrible fate of being killed and exiled to the sheer purgatory of Gulag land, then this is the only chance of your comeback.

Once in Gulag, you can be revived by winning a one on one match against another player who has also been exiled like you and playing to get the redeployment at the battlefield.

However, if you win and go back, your inventory shall be empty and all that you had collected with sweat and blood, gone.

If you lose, you are eliminated. But your squad can repurchase you too.

Gas Mask Combat

One of the most dangerous booby traps in the world of COD warzone is the gas explosion onto the players.

This gas both obstructs the vision of the player as well as harms the health of the player. Obstructed vision makes the player vulnerable to sudden attacks by enemies on the other side.

Therefore, the feature of a gas mask shall surely help in combat.

The gas mask can be bought or looted from loadouts or on the way while ransacking other loot. These masks are durable for not more than 12-15 seconds. Once bought, they remain dormant in the inventory until and unless you are exposed to the gas. These masks get automatically activated and provide you vision plus health protection until the durable period.

Ransack the items and kill enemies and run out the gas before you elapse the precious time.

Spendthrift Indeed!

Keeping a stock of the cash is well appreciated but not until it yields you nothing.

Do make use of the cash as soon as you collect it. Buy items from the Station that shall garner you security, resurgence, and resurrection, various weapons, and other sorts of boosters.

In the end, if you die with a lot of collecting cash, that makes money collected useless.

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