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Jagged Alliance 3: All Bastien Choices


In Jagged Alliance 3, Bastien develops into a fascinating protagonist whose fate has far-reaching consequences for the story. Bastien’s dealings with the players as a small-time gang leader with the paramilitary group “The Legion” unfold over the course of two pivotal meetings. These encounters highlight the game’s rich player agency by having an impact on both the immediate and long-term strategic results. All of your Bastien options in Jagged Alliance 3 are broken down here.

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Who is Bastein in Jagged Alliance 3?

Bastien heads up a tight-knit crew in Jagged Alliance 3, and they’re allies with a paramilitary organization known as “The Legion.” His first appearance is as a guard manning a fort in the I1 sector, and he can later be found operating out of a tiny camp in the H3 sector.

His interactions with the player have the potential to profoundly affect the game’s story and strategy, with several outcomes available. The choice players make in response to Bastien’s encounter will have significant repercussions throughout Jagged Alliance 3.

Bastien Choices in First Encounter

Bastien leads a gang that is part of The Legion, the force you are against. Bastien, who wears a red jersey and a gold dollar sign necklace, is a brash man. If you play your cards well, he might even be nice to you the second time you meet.

Jagged Alliance 3: All Bastien Choices

In Jagged Alliance 3, Bastien is initially encountered on the beach in Sector I1. There are three possible outcomes when initially encountering him in the game. Certain choices are restricted to players with higher than average stats.

  • Sweet Talk:  Bastien will give you three gems if you can persuade him to back down. However, this choice is reserved for those with exceptional knowledge.
  • Kill Him: The strength of the fort’s defenses will drop if Bastien is eliminated. You will get 150 experience points and 10 loyalty from Ernie. However, you may be unable to recruit Pierre later if you kill Bastien.
  • Don’t Kill Him: Bastien, if you’re feeling generous, can tell you all about The Legion if you meet him at H3.

Later in Jagged Alliance 3, you may be able to enlist Pierre, an enemy soldier. Fort Leau Bleu will serve as his stronghold. The fort’s defenses are very strong, so you can relax them and face off against Pierre. It’s best to spare Bastien in your first confrontation because he won’t join your army if he sees Bastien killed.

Bastien Choices in Second Encounter

You find Bastien once more in an H3 camp. He will threaten you and your group as he demands a ransom to allow you to pass through his camp. Bastien’s fate can go one of four ways, and your choice will have consequences.

Jagged Alliance 3: All Bastien Choices

  • Pay Up: You decide to pay Bastien’s $1,000 ransom demand. Get 150 experience points for paying up.
  • Threaten: Bastien will surrender his weapons along with 150 experience points, 5 Ernie loyalty points, $115, and jewels if he feels threatened. His arsenal consists of an AK-47, an MP40, and some ammunition. Only with a great deal of knowledge can you hope to intimidate him.
  • Trick Him: You can gain 300 XP by turning Bastien’s men against him, and you’ll also be able to take him out of the fort’s defenses. You need Fox on your side to pursue this course of action.
  • Kill Him: The situation is the same as before. You will gain 15 Ernie Loyalty Points and 150 XP for killing Bastien.

If you show Bastien any mercy again, he will begin sneaking goods at the E9 Refugee Camp on your behalf. At the Refuge Camp, you and Bastien can have another conversation about his future. You have the option of ending his life once and for all, but doing so would get you nothing.


How do you keep Bastien alive in Jagged Alliance 3?

You can either pass a speech check and convince his “family” to down their firearms, in which case they will run away and leave their stuff, or you can inform on him to his “family,” in which case they will chase him away but he will live.

Should I spare Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3?

It’s in your best interest to let Pierre live so that you can recruit him later in the game, as he has one of the greatest Marksmanship numbers in JA3. In addition, having such numbers allows you to carry out crucial stealth kills that can save the day for your team.

How to save refugee camp jagged alliance 3?

The only method to postpone the Refugee camp problem is when you get a distress call from Biff, to stop the attacking Légion squad before it reaches his zone. You won’t have to worry about the Légion sending reinforcements your way for a few months if you leave Biff up north.

What does loyalty do in Jagged Alliance 3?

The player’s level of loyalty indicates how popular they are among the natives of that region. The output of neighboring Diamond Mines will be affected, and the course of some stories in the respective villages may be altered as a result.

Where is Flay jagged Alliance 3?

It’s possible that this was modified to this after some other problems arose. BUT, Flay is currently hiding out in a cave at location C6 alongside a jeep and a poacher.