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Hi-Fi Rush – How to Beat Mimosa


Tango Gameworks’s unexpected release, Hi-Fi Rush, was revealed during Microsoft’s Developer Direct livestream. Hi-Fi Rush is a colorful rhythm action game. Players can engage in numerous boss fights, platforming sequences, and enemy encounters. Mimosa is one of the eccentric managers they’ll have to deal with during the Hi-Fi scramble. How to win against Mimosa in Hi-Fi Rush is detailed here.

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What Level is Mimosa in Hi-Fi Rush?

In the game Hi-Fi Rush, Mimosa is a famous pop star. You won’t run into her until a very late point in the game. Track 9: Take the Stage, which is nearly to its conclusion, features her as a boss character. To avoid causing a commotion, Chai and his friends intend to take down Mimosa when she is in her dressing room.

How to Beat Mimosa

You’ll need to keep attacking Mimosa until you wear down the armor provided by her clothing. At some point, Mimosa will become temporarily stunned when the dress’s protecting fails. It’s simpler to say than to actually accomplish.

Mimosa will spend a lot of time in the air, therefore you’ll be highly reliant on your grapple to drag yourself to her to then attack her in the air. Mimosa’s infrequent landings mean that you’ll have to act quickly.

In Stage One:

Mimosa’s singing and the floating music notes that accompany it is one of her first lines of attack. You can either stand in the way of the notes as they fly at you or do anything to deflect them. If you desire to avoid them, you should go far away from where they plant themselves. The notes explode after striking the floor.

Be wary. If Mimosa looks at you, spreads her wings, and flies toward you, you’d better duck! She will grab you and spank you if you don’t. Mimosa’s hands, when in the air, will begin to produce blue light balls. She’ll launch them at you in rapid succession to the rhythm. For the time being, dodging their attacks is the simplest option.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Mimosa

While in the air, bring in Peppermint and utilize your grapple to get to Mimosa between assaults. In this fashion, the two of you can launch a coordinated attack on her and deal significant damage. Once Mimosa is on the floor, you may send in the big guns with your two other companions. Use a combination on her or several strong blows to wear her down while she’s being attacked.

Keep attacking until you’ve broken the dress’s protections and Mimosa is exposed on the floor. When she’s down, you should rapidly unleash everything you’ve got on her. You’ll need to keep doing this until you’ve reduced her health by a third.

In Stage Two:

Mimosa will shut off the power when she loses a third of her health. You aren’t totally blind, though; spotlights illuminate your adversaries. You can either take on the newly-appeared band bots or search for Mimosa and direct your fire at her. The latter is what you should do if you want to win the fight quickly.

Mimosa will primarily be grounded for this segment, although she will disappear when the spotlights shift and resurface someplace else on stage. When you do, use your grapple to draw yourself to her and launch a series of fast assaults while simultaneously summoning your three allies.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Mimosa

The power will be restored once you’ve dealt sufficient damage, at which point you can give Mimosa your full attention. Try attacking her like you did in the last level. Mimosa will mention something called a “Vandelay Side-Story” when you’ve done a sufficient amount of damage. The backdrop will morph into a new hue, Mimosa will take a central position toward the back, and two rows of robots will materialize on either side of the stage.

Target Mimosa for damage but watch out for the robots. Lines will emerge on the ground when they are in a close enough proximity. This is meant to show the intended path of their flamethrowers. Please stay away from these areas marked off with lines. Wait for the bots to cease firing the flamethrowers or use your grapple to pull yourself up to Mimosa if she is hovering above or near the danger zone.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Mimosa

Attack Mimosa like before to deplete her clothing shield, but keep an eye out for the robots. If you’re feeling low on health, bots can be slaughtered for their health packets. The lights will go out again once you do some more damage. You can keep attacking Mimosa and going through the same motions as before until her health reaches zero.

In Stage Three:

When Mimosa’s health reaches its final third, you must complete a little minigame before continuing the boss fight. You and Mimosa will have to square off while trying to rally support from the spectators. There’ll be a status bar at the bottom of the screen. Follow the beat by pressing the appropriate buttons as they appear in the circle on the left.

You can see if the crowd is rooting for Chai or Mimosa by looking at the bar at the top of the screen. Chai will triumph if you keep pressing the buttons in sync with the music. If not, Mimosa will emerge victorious. When you obtain the support of the crowd, the boss fight’s last phase will begin. This time around, Mimosa is more agile and employs a plethora of brand-new attacks.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Mimosa

The Equaliser Attack, which Mimosa will soon announce, involves being placed inside a protective cube from which block bars will be fired at you. You can avoid them by jumping, but until you destroy the shield they will keep coming. You need to approach Mimosa and the shielded circle to her left within the box if you want to break the shield.

Peppermint, be summoned, and used to destroy the barrier surrounding this circle. Break the inner circle once the outside one has been breached. The next step is to make your way, avoiding the bars, to the right-hand shielded circle. Use Macaron to destroy the barrier. Once the outer ring has been breached, a second assault on the inner ring is in order. When the shield drops once both inner circles have been destroyed, Mimosa will be knocked out of commission for a while.

Use any and all techniques on her, although heavy and combination attacks are particularly effective. You have the option of calling in all three of your companions to assist in dealing damage. Mimosa will have a brand new attack after she recovers. This one is reminiscent of the previous musical notation. The musical notes ‘Do, Re, Mi’ will appear while she sings. These can be parried or avoided in the same way that musical notes can.

Then, you’ll have to defend yourself against yet another brand-new assault. Mimosa will swoop low and dart at you as it flies. You must swerve out of the way, but you can’t rest after the initial attack. There will be a string of five or six attacks until she finally stops. Mimosa will then proceed with a new attack strategy based on an existing tactic.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Mimosa

Do you recall the blue-lit circles on her hands? Four of them (circles, not hands) are now in her possession, and they will each release a barrage of powerful lasers. Stay in the spaces between the lasers to avoid damage, or parry them if you’re quick enough. You can use your grapple to go on top of Mimosa and assault her, and you can even call Peppermint to help if you manage to avoid the lasers.


How do I get better timing on Hi-Fi Rush?

Enabling the rhythm assist is an excellent method to get used to the timing and learn to perform this better. The rhythm can be seen on a bar at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to better timing your attacks.

What rank is best in Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi RUSH awards you a letter grade for your combat prowess after each encounter, all the way up to the coveted S-Rank. The ability to S-Rank any stage gives players a thrilling challenge and a chance to show off their abilities on any level of the game’s difficulty spectrum.

How do you do special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush?

Peppermint’s Shop is where players can buy and swap out new Special Attacks for the first time in the game. Simply navigate to the “Special Attacks” section of the Shop, and then access the “Equip” section by pressing “Left Trigger” on Xbox or “Shift” on PC.