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Tingyun Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail


Honkai Star Rail’s Tingyun, a beautiful fox girl with four stars, is about to foxtrot her way into our hearts. We can’t wait to get our hands on this charming kitsune-kin because of his or her sophisticated appearance, beautiful dancing animations, and playful grin. Tingyun, a character with four stars, is a member of the Lightning element and takes the harmonious route. She is considered by many to be the best support character in the 4-star version of Honkai: Star Rail. The Honkai: Star Rail Tingyun Build Guide is explained in this page.

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What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Tingyun build?

Tingyun is a four-star lightning character who follows the route of Harmony, which indicates that she is most effective when used in a supporting capacity. Her skill set enables her to provide powerful buffs upon your team, increasing both its total damage output and its rate of energy recovery.

Tingyun’s ability allows her to raise her own attack as well as the attack of one more ally, while her ultimate not only restores health to the ally she targets but also gives them an even greater attack boost.

Best Relics

Tingyun’s ATK buff can be maximized by equipping as many ATK%-boosting relics as possible. Therefore, the Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4p) subterranean relic set should be prioritized for her equipment. The 2p set bonus increases Tingyun’s Attack Power, while the 4p set bonus increases her Movement Speed and Damage Dealt, making her an even more useful support character.

Players are fortunate to have a Planary ornament choice that boosts ATK percent. Extra ATK percentage is added if Tingyun’s speed is higher than 120 thanks to the Space Sealing Station (2p) ornament set. This greatly increases her ATK% boost, and when players choose to use her Basic ATK instead of her support abilities, her overall damage output.

Tingyun Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Tingyun’s true potential as a support character and her individual damage-dealing powers can be unlocked by prioritizing relics that improve ATK% and picking relevant ornament sets. The following are the most important metrics to focus on when building your Tingyun team:

  • Body: ATK%
  • Feet: ATK% or Speed
  • Planar Sphere: ATK%
  • Link Rope: Energy Regen Rate or ATK%

Tingyun’s sub-stat priorities should revolve around ATK% > Speed > flat ATK. This will grant her turn priority, allowing her to quickly empower her teammates before they take their actions, and a high ATK buff.

Best Light Cones

Tingyun’s limited light cone options may feel restrictive for players who plan to use several different Harmony characters. Due to the gacha nature of light cones, obtaining the best option for Tingyun can be difficult. The Battle Isn’t Over is an excellent illustration of a move that is better suited to Bronya because it primarily utilizes her characteristic light cone. In the event that players have access to this weapon but not Bronya, it can be a good option for Tingyun.

Tingyun Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

However, if players have access to both Bronya and her weapon and intend to employ them together, Bronya is the most appropriate choice. Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds is Tingyun’s second-best light cone option and can be unlocked by spending real money and leveling up the Nameless Honor battle pass to level 30. However, players that are willing to put in more effort in exchange for greater payoffs should consider this alternative.

Like the Widsith from Genshin Impact, this light cone grants a random increase to attack power, defense, or critical strike damage at the beginning of each round and whenever the user makes an action. The Chorus, rated 3 stars out of 5, is a fantastic free-to-play alternative for players. It’s a good choice that doesn’t require any extra funds thanks to the ATK% advantage it provides to allies.

Trace Priority For Tingyun

When examining Tingyun’s entire kit, upgrade priority should be: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic Attack. Players should invest in these talents to maximize Tingyun’s support role. Players should also unlock her Ascension Traces and modest ATK%-boosting traces whenever possible. These upgrades boost Tingyun’s bonuses and performance.

While not related to upgrading priority, players should use Tingyun’s Technique before difficult bouts. Tingyun can utilize this technique to create 50 Energy and activate her Ultimate earlier, supporting the squad. By intelligently deploying her Technique, players may maximize Tingyun’s strengths and improve gameplay.

Tingyun Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Tingyun can employ basic attacks during her 3-turn boosts. She can regenerate skill points, thus players may level up her Basic ATK when they can, giving her a more important sub-DPS in the late game. Tingyun’s Ultimate ability, Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds, regenerates 50 Energy for a targeted ally and improves their DMG by a trace-level proportion for 3 rounds. Soothing Melody, on the other hand, boosts a single ally’s ATK for 3 turns and delivers Lightning DMG for 1 turn after the buff is applied.


Is Tingyun good in Star Rail?

When it comes to Honkai: Star Rail’s four-star support characters, Tingyun is among the best. Here’s how to construct her so that she performs at her best! The video tag is not supported by your browser.

What is the best set for Tingyun in star rail?

You should also give some thought to the rate and quickness with which energy is restored. Tingyun’s best relic set is the Musketeer of Wild Wheat (4), which grants him +12% Attack, +10% Normal Attack Damage, and +6% Speed.

What is the priority of Tingyun skills?

Tingyun’s equipment should be upgraded in the following order of importance. The ultimate kind of attack is superior to all others. To optimize Tingyun’s usefulness as a support character, players should put effort into improving these skills.

Does Tingyun need energy recharge?

After performing her Technique, Tingyun’s Energy instantly returns to her at a level 50. Inflicts fire damage on targets equivalent to between 138% and 248% of Himeko’s attack power. For every foe Himeko vanquishes, she regains 5 more Energy.