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Laptops based on AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 7040HS “Phoenix” processor have been delayed till April


Customers were informed by AMD on a Friday afternoon that they will need to wait a little longer for the first laptops that will include the company’s monolithic Zen 4 mobile Processor. This information was conveyed to customers. These consumers could not contain their excitement as they awaited the arrival of these laptops. The release of laptops that are based on AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 7040HS line of processors has been officially put back by one month, pushing the anticipated month of availability from March to April. This means that the release date for these laptops has been moved from March to April.

The Ryzen Mobile 7040HS series, which was initially announced during AMD’s keynote presentation at CES 2023 and was given the codename Phoenix, is the company’s first mobile-focused, monolithic die CPUs based on the Zen 4 architecture, and it will serve as the company’s flagship silicon for mobile devices in the year 2023. This series was initially announced during AMD’s keynote presentation at CES 2023. In addition to incorporating AMD’s most recent CPU architecture, Phoenix also includes an updated RDNA3 architecture iGPU, and for the first time in any AMD CPU, a dedicated AI processing block, which AMD has aptly named the Ryzen AI.

Both of these features are included for the first time in Phoenix. The utilization of AMD’s most modern CPU architecture was the driving force behind the realization of both of these enhancements. As a result of being fabricated using TSMC’s 4nm process, all of this constitutes the single most cutting-edge piece of silicon that AMD has produced to this point. When it was first announced, laptops based on the Phoenix architecture were predicted to be delivered in March of this year (i.e. this month) (i.e. this month). But, AMD has informed the company that devices based on the new chips will not be available until April, citing “platform readiness” as the reason for the delay. The notice was issued on a relatively quiet Friday afternoon.