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Last Epoch – How to Unlock Mastery


In Last Epoch, mastering a class is a pivotal moment in a player’s journey, unlocking powerful new abilities and enhancing their character’s capabilities. Masteries provide a deeper level of customization and specialization, allowing players to tailor their characters to their preferred playstyles. In this guide, we will explore the process of unlocking mastery in Last Epoch, along with tips and strategies to make the most of this game-changing feature.

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Understanding Masteries

Before delving into how to unlock mastery, it’s important to understand what mastery entails in Last Epoch. Each base class in the game has two mastery classes, offering distinct playstyles and abilities. For example, the Sentinel base class can be mastered as either a Void Knight or a Forge Guard, each with its own unique skill trees and abilities.

Reaching the Mastery Unlock Requirement

To unlock mastery for a base class, players must meet certain requirements, usually related to reaching a specific level or completing certain quests or challenges. For example, to unlock the Void Knight mastery for the Sentinel class, players must reach level 25 and complete the “Echoes of the Void” questline.

How to Unlock Mastery

Chapter 2 takes place after you beat Elder Pannion and go to the End of Time, the major hub area of the game. This is where you can gain the Mastery of your class. You can locate and accept the Forgotten Knight’s quest “The Power of Mastery” here. This NPC can help you find Elder Gaspar if you speak with her.

Last Epoch - How to Unlock Mastery

Go to the second level of the map by climbing the floating spiral staircase made of rocks, then talk to Gaspar to select the Mastery you wish to acquire for your class. You will be able to access the Passive tree for that Mastery once you have selected it. However, you must first add at least 20 Passive Points to your class’s primary tree before you may begin adding points to this tree.

You should now have about 19–20 Passive points allocated if you’re just playing the story and finishing a few of the optional side missions that grant Passive points. You cannot modify the Mastery you have selected, but you can talk to the relevant NPC in town at any time to respec the Passive Points you have placed in your Mastery tree in order to reallocate them.

Tips for Maximizing Your Mastery Unlock

  1. Plan Your Build: Before unlocking mastery, take some time to plan out your build and how you want to specialize your character. Each mastery offers different strengths and abilities, so choose one that complements your playstyle and build goals.
  2. Research the Mastery: Take the time to research the mastery classes available for your base class. Understanding the skills and abilities offered by each mastery can help you make an informed decision when unlocking mastery.
  3. Experiment with Different Builds: Mastery unlocks offer a great opportunity to experiment with different builds and playstyles. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of skills and passives to find what works best for you.
  4. Focus on Synergy: When choosing skills and passives in your mastery trees, look for synergies between different abilities. Building a cohesive and synergistic character can greatly enhance your effectiveness in combat.
  5. Consider Respeccing: If you’re not satisfied with your initial mastery choices, remember that you can always respec your skill points and passives. Experimenting with different builds and respeccing as needed can help you find the perfect mastery for your character.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Neglecting Defensive Abilities: While offensive abilities are important, neglecting defensive abilities can leave you vulnerable in combat. Make sure to invest in skills and passives that enhance your survivability.
  2. Ignoring Synergy Between Skills: Focusing too much on individual skills without considering how they synergize with each other can limit your effectiveness. Always look for ways to maximize synergy between your skills and passives.
  3. Not Adapting to the Situation: Being too rigid with your build and not adapting to the situation can lead to unnecessary deaths and failed missions. Always be willing to adjust your build based on the challenges you’re facing.
  4. Overlooking Mastery Mechanics: Each mastery has unique mechanics that can give you a significant advantage if used correctly. Make sure to fully understand and utilize these mechanics to maximize your mastery’s potential.
  5. Not Researching Your Mastery: Before unlocking a mastery, take the time to research its skills, passives, and mechanics. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid wasting resources on a mastery that doesn’t suit your playstyle.


Can I respec my mastery points after unlocking a mastery?

Yes, you can respec your mastery points in Last Epoch using the Respecialization feature. This allows you to reallocate your mastery points and try out different builds.

Do I need to unlock mastery for each character I create in Last Epoch?

Yes, mastery must be unlocked for each character individually in Last Epoch. Mastery is tied to each character and cannot be transferred between characters.

Are there any prerequisites for unlocking mastery in Last Epoch?

Yes, each base class in Last Epoch has specific requirements that must be met before mastery can be unlocked. These requirements usually involve reaching a certain level and completing specific quests or challenges.

Can I change my mind after unlocking a mastery and switch to a different one?

No, once you have unlocked a mastery in Last Epoch, your choice is permanent. You cannot change your mastery selection, so be sure to choose the mastery that best suits your playstyle and build goals.

Can I unlock mastery for all base classes in Last Epoch?

Yes, you can unlock mastery for all base classes in Last Epoch. Each base class has two mastery options, allowing you to explore different playstyles and builds across all classes.


Unlocking mastery in Last Epoch is a significant milestone that opens up new possibilities for character customization and specialization. By understanding the requirements for unlocking mastery, planning your build, and experimenting with different skills and passives, you can maximize the benefits of mastering your base class. Whether you choose to become a Void Knight, a Forge Guard, or any other mastery, mastering your class is sure to take your character to new heights of power and versatility.