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Layers of Fear (2023) – Some Beginner Things to Avoid


The conclusion of the enigmatic adventure Layers of Fear depends entirely on how you interpret the unfolding events. The 2023 release includes a few extra improvements beyond the overtly updated graphics, bringing all the games and DLC together under a single package. Whether they are returning as seasoned fans to revisit an old favorite or are new players looking for a more reasonably priced horror experience, gamers should be mindful not to commit some basic mistakes that could damage their experience. This article will teach you some things to avoid in Layers of Fear (2023):

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Not Making the Mouse More Sensitive

The mouse sensitivity is a slight improvement in quality of life, but it’s still something to be concerned about. In Layers of Fear, players will frequently need to rotate the camera around since Bloober’s horror walking simulator frequently requires them to go back or turn around to witness a changing room.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Some Beginner Things to Avoid

To improve the gaming experience, it would be a minor mistake for players to not adjust the in-game controls, particularly the mouse sensitivity, making turning simpler and faster. For the most part, gamers should err on caution and experiment with game controls to see what settings suit them best, rather than just blindly accepting the default.

Trying to Conserve Lighting

After playing other games published around the same time, such as Amnesia Bunker, players may be tempted to perceive light as a limited resource and not use it constantly when they play Layers of Fear 2023. In addition, players don’t have to worry about gathering oil or other similar resources to recharge the lantern—despite the fact that it has a cooldown that prevents them from using it for a short while it recharges.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Some Beginner Things to Avoid

Because of this, players shouldn’t be afraid to utilize the lantern effectively because it serves various purposes in the game. In addition to using it as a basic light source to enlighten the surroundings and enable them to explore every nook and cranny, players may even utilize it to interact with elements of the environment that will advance their journey and ward off hostile echoes that could prove lethal to them.

Turning Down the Game’s Brightness

Layers of Fear has a mood enhanced by long corridors, cramped rooms, and constant darkness suffocating the surroundings and items, as one could expect from a horror game. Even if there are instances in the game where players have access to lanterns or flashlights, setting the brightness to default may still be a bad idea.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Some Beginner Things to Avoid

Most of the game will consist of the user exploring the many settings and determining where to go next or what needs to be done to advance the plot. Because of this, the dim lighting may be harmful to them as they survey their surroundings. Gamers should increase the illumination, but they must be careful not to make it too bright or risk making the game less terrifying.

Rushing Through the Game

Gamers can easily develop this habit, and most of them know that they have done so in the past. There are moments when gamers race through the portions because they are simply too excited to see what is around the next corner.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Some Beginner Things to Avoid

But since games like Layers of Fear are meant to be played slowly, players can really immerse themselves in the spooky atmosphere and take in the gorgeous sights that the game is known for. Because of this, players ought to refrain from hurrying through the game and instead take their time to appreciate it.


What is the safe code in Layers of Fear 2023?

Now that the safe is within reach once more, players will want to open it and discover that the piece of paper contains the code (10-70-90) to open it.

How scary is Layers of Fear 2023?

In the end, Layers of Fear seems more like a 13-hour, mostly scare-free meander through a series of eerily lit hallways than a truly horrific journey into the unknown.

What’s the code in Layers of Fear?

There will be a bookshelf that falls from above, and when it strikes the floor, the number 853 will be painted upside-down. By using any of the phones to dial 911, you can find an Achievement or Trophy as an Easter egg. Turn around and dial 853 on the phone; the bookcase will now be in the way of your departure.

Are there different endings to Layers of Fear?

The story of the Artist in Layers of Fear has three possible outcomes. They include the outcomes that players deem to be the good, bad, and neutral ones.

Are there jump scares in Layers of Fear?

A psychological horror game called Layers of Fear emphasizes jump scares and a spooky setting. Layers of Fear goes beyond the typical horror game tropes of dim lighting and harsh noises. Monsters rise up out of the earth to seize you and make you start again at a checkpoint.