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Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses


Playing through Lies of P might be difficult due to the game’s demanding bosses and mini-bosses. Minibosses in the game are extremely difficult foes that usually necessitate smart tactics to vanquish. The bosses in Lies of P are exceptionally difficult, and they frequently act as impassable blockages that need either a return to earlier levels or a complete retooling of your character’s construction. Although the big monsters are a significant challenge in Lies of P, the mini-bosses are often just as difficult. In this piece, we’ll break down Lies of P’s most challenging minibosses for you:

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Robber Weasel

In Chapter 9, you’ll go back to Krat Central Station to see how degradation and mutation have altered the building. Robber Weasel must be defeated before you can leave the building, and it is more harder to get through this region.

Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses

One of the last humanoid minibosses you’ll face, their speed is a major factor in why they’re so difficult to defeat. You won’t have much trouble with them if you learn their patterns, but they’re fast enough that if you don’t have a game plan, you might not survive their attacks.

Door Guardian

Chapter 11’s enemies are particularly challenging because they represent the game’s climax, but even the more mundane foes you encounter higher in the abbey will provide a formidable obstacle. The Door Guardian, however, will appear early in the chapter.

Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses

This miniboss is one of a kind because it seems to absorb almost no damage from standard attacks. If you want to defeat it quickly and easily, you should aim for its leg, knock it out of commission, and then finish it off with a decisive blow. Dodging is difficult because of how quickly it gives P the shock state effect, and its vast AOE attacks make this more complicated than it first appears.

Owl Doctor

In Chapter 8, P finds out just how brutal the corruption-filled Barren Swamp can be when abandoned puppets attack him from all sides. For this reason, the house tucked away from the main marsh area is very inviting. But by this point in Lies of P, you should know better.

Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses

Once you reach the main area, the Owl Doctor will start a battle with you if you initiate conversation with him. It wouldn’t be so difficult if the arena weren’t so cramped, but he’s vulnerable unless you can force him into a corner.


One of the more difficult passages in Lies of P, Lorenzini Arcade foreshadows the lack of relief in Chapter 7. When you’ve gone around in circles trying to find the exit, the Jester Puppet ambush in the wine cellar should be your last major objective.

Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses

The enemy’s erratic movements and long range made them difficult to defeat in past tries, and it gets worse: they’ll even release captured foes to ‘assist’ them. If you venture out of their range, however, they will engage the jester in battle, where he will emerge victorious but with a bit less health than before.

Mad Clown

The Mad Clown is not a particularly challenging miniboss on its own, but the arena and other enemies that will bother you during the fight will make it extremely frustrating. An oncoming boulder rolls down the narrow street and surprises first-time visitors. Then, if you’re lucky, you can kill off some of the flamethrower or grenade-throwing puppets before drawing the ire of the mini-boss, but this is highly unlikely given its range.

Lies of P: 5 Toughest Mini Bosses

This miniboss is the most likely to be interrupted by other enemies, and subsequent attempts are time-consuming due to the number of obstructions that must be removed before a fair fight can begin. You receive quartz in exchange for your efforts, and Chapter 8’s rematch with the same mini-boss is much easier.


Who is the first mini boss in lies of P?

An unidentified policeman will present the player with the game’s first minor obstacle. The player will find this foe at the end of a corridor in Krat Central Station.

Who is the final boss in the lies of P?

The Lie System is a choice-based narrative driven by the story The Adventures of Pinocchio. In the end, Pinocchio always faces Simon Manus, the Alchemists’ leader. There isn’t much room for fancy footwork in this fight; instead, you need to parry his assaults and pounce on openings.

Who is the main character in the Lies of P game?

The player takes control of Pinocchio, or “P” for short, in Lies of P. He’s Geppetto’s surrogate kid, and he’s a puppet who doesn’t get worked up. The decisions he makes throughout Lies of P will determine whether he stays a puppet or grows up to be a genuine kid.

Is Lies of P difficult?

As of the 12th of September, 2023, confirmations indicate that individuals looking for an easier challenge will be disappointed with Lies of P. The lack of a slider for difficulty will likely put off a lot of potential players.