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Lord Aethelstan Vtuber Face Reveal and More Interesting Facts


Aethel Revealed: Aethel is a well-known Vtuber who broadcasts her Twitch sessions live on YouTube. To gain more viewers and subscribers, many Twitch and YouTube streamers choose to remain anonymous. That’s probably why some people are confused about whether or not they’ve seen Aethel’s face. But Aethel recently tweeted a photo thus, many assume the Aethel Face Reveal has already happened. The identity of Lord Aethelstan will be revealed here.

Who is Lord Aethelstan?

Lord Aethelstan is an independent VTuber who broadcasts in English and is located on the platform Twitch. The literal meaning of his name is “noble stone.” It is mostly because to the fact that he has composed music for other members of VShojo, such as Go Banyanners and Boof Pack, that he has become famous.

Lord Aethelstan Face Reveal

The internet has already been made public with a picture of Lord Aethelstan’s face. However, nobody seems to know what his name is. Mostly because he did not mention his name. Aethel Vtuber revealed his true identity on the social networking site Twitter. On Twitter, he is active under the handle of Lord Aethelstan, which is a fictional character.

Aethel’s first broadcast on Twitch was broadcast on May 24, 2021. On October 26, 2020, a Twitter account in the name of Lord Aethelstan was established. In the year 2020, he launched his own channel on the video platform Twitch.

Lord Aethelstan’s Real Name and Age

Lord Aethelstan is Aethel Vtuber’s Twitter nickname; his real name is unknown. Lord Aethelstan is an English-speaking Twitch VTuber. His name means “noble stone” in the Hebrew language. He is well-known in the VShojo music community for writing songs performed by bands like Go Banyanners and Boof Pack.

Lord Aethelstan’s face has been widely seen on the web. However, nobody seems to know who he is. Because he didn’t want to say his name, he didn’t. On Twitter, he likewise discussed his photographic works. On May 24, 2021, Aethelstan streamed for the first time on Twitch.

Lord Aethelstan Wiki

Lord Aethelstan Bio
Original Name Aethelstan
Debut Date Twitch: 2021/05/24
Character Designer Illustration: Sara

Modelling: Hibachi

Channel Twitch, YouTube
Gender Male
Age 30 years old
Birthday 3 November
Zodiac Sign Scorpio


What happens to Lord Aethelstan?

In the year 969 A.D., Lord Aethelstan was born as the son of a monarch. In the LORD AETHELSTAN VTUBER LORE & BACKSTORY, it is stated that Aethelstan and his father were murdered in the middle of the night by Lord Traf after being betrayed by Lord Traf.

What is Nyanners real name?

Nyatasha Kotova Nyanners III is an American VTuber, singer, Twitch streamer, and voice actress. She was born on June 14, 1993 (1993-06-14) [age 30]), although she is better known online by her stage name, Nyanners.

Who was the 1st VTuber?

Although Ami Yamato was the first YouTuber to post vlog-style material on the site, the term “virtual YouTuber” wasn’t popularized until Kizuna Ai, a Japanese VTuber who debuted in 2016. Kizuna Ai is credited with coining the term and helping to promote it.

Who is the fastest growing VTuber?

Within two weeks of her channel’s launch, Hyakumantenbara Salome surpassed any other VTuber in terms of speed to one million subscribers. Salome first appeared in the middle of 2022, also via the NIJISANJI group. Since she was never part of a “generation” of VTubers, her debut as a solo creator marked a first for the label.