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Ironmouse Vtuber Face Reveal, Age and More Interesting Facts


Ironmouse is a well-known personality on YouTube and other social media platforms. He is from Puerto Rico. Ironmouse has a sizable fanbase, and its members are very interested in learning more about the character, including its true identity and other specifics. In this section, we went over the specifics of the Ironmouse face reveal; without further ado, let’s get started.

Who is Ironmouse Vtuber?

Ironmouse is a social media personality and YouTuber who hails from Puerto Rico. He is quite widely known. She is famous among people due to her singing, wild nature, and high voice. Previously, she streamed on her own, but VShojo currently employs her.

She started working in August of 2017, and she is currently employed by an American company named VShojo, which is solely responsible for producing tubes. Additionally, she is so witty and carefree that she always manages to make the people she is chatting with and streaming with laugh.

Ironmouse Vtuber Face Reveal

Ironmouse has made the decision, in light of all that has transpired, to conceal her true identity whenever she appears on Twitch or any other social network. She disguises her YouTube and Twitch profiles behind a fantastic demon queen character whenever she goes live on either platform.

Ironmouse followers cannot contain their excitement to learn the truth about her identity. In addition to this, many of the individuals who watch her live streaming leave her comments requesting that she show their face. However, Ironmouse has not yet revealed her appearance.

Ironmouse’s Age & Height

In 2023, Ironmouse will be 26 years old. She was born on January 11, 1997, in the United States. She promised to join the VTuber in November 2020. Her Twitch broadcasts regularly attract over 100,000 viewers. Her first TikTok video debuted in January of 2021.

Presently, she is followed by over 900,000 people on the service. Her boring upbringing was something she had to endure. Ironmouse is a healthy 5’1″ (155 cm) tall and weighs in at a healthy 49 Kg (108 lb). Both the eyes and hair of an ironmouse are a deep chocolate brown.

Ironmouse’s Net Worth

It is believed that Ironmouse has a net worth of $600,000. Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, and goods are her primary means of monetization. Earnings projections for each category are provided below.

  • Twitch: She is able to support herself as a Twitch partner by showing advertisements during her broadcasts. In addition, her channel has paying subscribers. About 7,000 people have subscribed to her channel so far. Therefore, she makes $35,000 a month from subscriptions.
  • YouTube:  She has over 400k YouTube subscribers and continues to attract new viewers by the thousands each day. She’s racked up over 2.7 million views in the just 30 days. Her take-home pay is $6,000 a month, for $80,000 a year.
  • Patreon: Three tiers of supporter membership are available for her on Patreon: Precious Family, Flancito, and Senpai. Her monthly rates start at just $1 and go up to $10. Involved individuals are of unknown quantity. So, she can’t count on any money from that source.

Ironmouse Wiki

Real Name Not Known
Nickname Ironmouse
Profession Twitch streamer
Age 24 [as of 2021]
Date of Birth 11 January 1997
Birthplace United States
Hometown United States
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Singing
Famous For Virtual streaming on Twitch


Does anyone know who Ironmouse is?

Ironmouse is a female American VTuber and streamer who hails from Puerto Rico. She began her streaming career in August of 2017, and she currently resides in Puerto Rico.

How many viewers does Ironmouse get?

Ironmouse has been viewed for more than 15.1 million hours so far in 2018, with an average of 8,215 viewers and a peak of 29,501 viewers.

What rank is Ironmouse?

ironmouse is currently ranked #83 on Twitch so far in 2023.

Why is Ironmouse so famous?

To a significant extent, Ironmouse is responsible for the meteoric rise of Vtubing on Twitch, as he is a popular live streamer and one of the most popular VTubers on the platform. Ironmouse had planned to become an opera singer before she became a live streamer.