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MISMATCH 2: Riya Sen Joins The Cast Of This Series on May


mismatch 2

The mismatch is a Bengali Web arrangement that has quite recently reserved in Riya Sen, while the fundamental cast remains similar, for example, the cast continues as before with Rachel White, Rajdeep Gupta and Mainak Banerjee and even the executive, Soumik Chattopadhyay. Season 1 of Mismatch was an immense hit, the satire arrangement by hoichoi spilled Season 1 in September 2018. The greater part of the cast from Season 1 has joined the web arrangement again, for example, Hello S2, Dupur Thakurpo S2, Holy Faak S2, Chupkotha S2, Byomkesh S4. Hoichoi is universes second biggest Bengali gushing channel, which currently has an arrangement, for example, Mismatch ready for action.

Mismatch Season 2 is the account of two couples Abir (Rajdeep Gupta), Mishka (Riya Sen) and Anirban (Mainak Banerjee) Aditi (Rachel White). Aditi and Mishka cooperate, Aditi is Mishka’s manager. Anirban is a performer, increasingly loose. Aditi is a difficult manager. Abir who’s Mishka’s manager has unusual sexual dreams which are too hard to even think about handling for Mishka. Aditi appears as an overwhelming individual; her significant other Anirban has abandoned life.

Riya Sen is amped up for taking up this activity; she’s anticipating joining the cast of Mismatch. More than anything she’s amped up for working at an alternate stage. Confound Season 2 is at present in works; the arrangement may turn out not long from now. We’ll refresh this page when we have it.

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Hoichoi touts itself to the world’s biggest advanced stage for Bengalis. It comprises of 1000 Bengali tunes. Hoichoi was established in 2017; it is SVF New Media’s lady adventure. Hoichoi is going by Co-Founder Vishnu Mohta who is likewise the Executive Director, SVF.

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