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Mortal Kombat 1: Johnny Cage Guide


Mortal Kombat 1’s Johnny Cage may end up being the game’s strongest playable character. Even with his already impressive repertoire, adding the Hype Meter has made him unstoppable. He can gain Hype between rounds by taunting or capping off combos with taunts. If the meter is full, he may cancel his special into another special for 10 seconds. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for Johnny Cage’s role in Mortal Kombat 1.

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How To Play Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat 1

It’s not easy to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 1. However, Johnny Cage doesn’t present too much of a learning curve, either. The amount of technology and fighting mechanics that JOhnny Cage’s Kombatant withholds sets him apart from other fighters.

Mortal Kombat 1: Johnny Cage Guide

Players must master Johnny Cage’s Hype meter, which increases combo damage, to succeed. Due to Johnny Cage’s wide array of viable attacks, players should brush up on their repertoire as much as possible before venturing into the lower ranks of competitive play. Some important things to remember while playing Johnny Cage are as follows:

  • The best time to use Hype is during your longest combinations, so keep an eye on the meter.
  • Get people excited by giving Johnny’s different special moves the Hype variation.
  • Johnny can put pressure on opposing defences and punish offensive players with ease. Use the proper frame of mind when confronting various characters.
  • The forward-dash mechanism is one of Johnny’s strongest allies in battle (along with his Kameo). Keep in mind that Cage’s forward-dash extends a large number of his combos.

Mortal Kombat 1: Johnny Cage Guide

  • Even after everything has been said and done, Johnny Cage is still a genuine aggressive character with some good techniques to fend off other offensive characters like Reptile. Be wary of punishments, but rush down opponents.

Johnny’s Moves and Special Moves

Basic Moves PlayStation Xbox PC Nintendo Switch
Plot Fist Square X FP Y
Rough House Square, Square X, X FP, FP Y, Y
Knuckle Under The Buckle Square, Square, Triangle X, X, Y FP, FP, BP Y, Y, X
Kontracted Kick Square, Square, Circle X, X, B FP, FP, BK Y, Y, A
Breaking Backhand Forward + Square Forward + X Forward + FP Forward + Y
Elbow’s World Forward + Square, Triangle Forward + X, Y Forward + FP, BP Forward + Y, X
Under The Table Forward + Square, Triangle, X Forward + X, Y, A Forward + FP, BP, FK Forward + Y, X, B
Back To The Footure Forward + Square, Triangle, Circle Forward + X, Y, B Forward + FP, BP, BK Forward + Y, X, A
The Bee’s Knees Down + Square Down + X Down + FP Down + Y
Talk To The Hand Triangle Y BP X
My Own Publifist Triangle, Square Y, X BP, FP X, Y
Dunking On Haters Triangle, Square, Triangle Y, X, Y BP, FP, BP X, Y, X
Legbanged Redemptshin Triangle, Square, Circle Y, X, B BP, FP, BK X, Y, A
Foot Loosey Goosey Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle Y, X, B, B BP, FP, BK, BK X, Y, A, A
Gutbusters Back + Triangle Back + Y Back + BP Back + X
Charge Gutbusters Hold Triangle Hold Y Hold BP Hold X
Upper-Krust Down + Triangle Down + Y Down + BP Down + X
Reading Shoe X A FK B
Pow X, X A, A FK, FK B, B
Footless Back + X Back + A Back + FK Back + B
Dizzy Knee Forward + X Forward + A Forward + FK Forward + B
Elbow Before Me Forward + X, Triangle Forward + A, Y Forward + FK, BP Forward + B, X
On The Chin Forward + X, Triangle, Square Forward + A, Y, X Forward + FK, BP, FP Forward + B, X, Y
Style Points Forward + X, Circle Forward + A, B Forward + FK, BK Forward + B, A
Ankle Of The Covenant Down + X Down + A Down + FK Down + B
John Kick Circle B BK A
Cagenado Circle, Circle B, B BK, BK A, A
Sweep The Leg Back + Circle Back + B Back + BK Back + A
Flipper Forward + Circle Forward + B Forward + BK Forward + A
Donkey Kick Down + Circle Down + B Down + BK Down + A

That is a significant number of references. Now, let’s take a look at Johnny’s unique moves:

Special Moves PlayStation Xbox PC Nintendo Switch
Ball Buster Back, Forward, Square Back, Forward, X Back, Forward, FP Back, Forward, Y
Show Off Down, Back, Square Down, Back, X Down, Back, FP Down, Back, Y
Throwing Shade Forward, Down, Back, Triangle Forward, Down, Back, Y Forward, Down, Back, BP Forward, Down, Back, X
Rising Star Down, Back, X Down, Back, A Down, Back, FK Down, Back, B
Shadow Dash Down, Forward, X Down, Forward, A Down, Forward, FK Down, Forward, B
Shadow Kick Back, Forward, Circle Back, Forward, B Back, Forward, BK Back, Forward, A
Hype Forward, Down, Back, Circle Forward, Down, Back, B Forward, Down, Back, BK Forward, Down, Back, A
Wowing Out (After Hype Filled) Forward, Down, Back, Circle (After Hype Filled) Forward, Down, Back, Circle (After Hype Filled) Forward, Down, Back, Circle (After Hype Filled) Forward, Down, Back, Circle

Best Kameos For Johnny Cage

There isn’t a particularly awful Kameo in Mortal Kombat 1 because they all serve different functions. In fact, almost every Kameo can benefit from a team-up with at least one of the other fighters in Mortal Kombat 1.

Fans seeking for Johnny Cage to exert maximum pressure, string together more combos, and/or escape an opponent’s grasp would benefit most from seeing him teamed with his most synergistic teammates. For Johnny Cage, these are the top Kameos to use:

  • Kano
  • Jax Briggs
  • Scorpion
  • Sub-Zero
  • Kung Lao


How do you do Brutality in MK1?

In MK1, a Brutality can be performed by performing the special move or grab mentioned under WB Games Support’s Brutalities inputs, doing the additional inputs after the hit has landed (if listed), then holding down the final input.

How do you unlock fatalities in MK1?

Raise your favorite character’s level to gain access to their second Fatality in the Move List. Characters acquire experience and level up as they are used in battle and invasions.

How do you give mercy in MK1?

We will have to wait till the debut to find out. The presence of mercy at the beginning of the game indicates the presence of secrets such as Animalities, Friendships, and Babalities. Ed only dropped hints that Animalities would return, which only adds gasoline to the flames if mercy is still an option.

Can you still mercy in MK1?

Reports of daily quests asking players to “Perform Mercies” were posted by user Supa_Link on the Mortal Kombat Leaks subreddit. You can’t conduct a Mercy in MK1, thus these quests are useless, but they show that the feature was almost included.