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Here is Why Nvidia GTX 2080 PCB More Images Continue To Leak


As we know Nvidia GTX 2080 PCB launched on 20 August and the rumors are high on the go. Nvidia is unable to put a lid on the leaking of images and now an image of the GTX 2080 PCB has come up. Videocardz leaked an image and claims that it’s TU 104 GPU’s PCB – a part of the upcoming GTX. This image has revealed a lot about what the new device by Nvidia is going to offer. Let’s have a look into what we should expect from the new GTX.

gtx 2080

What Does The Nvidia GTX Offers

The image clearly shows that there are eight GDDR6 memory modules, each of which carries 1 GB. This means that the new Nvidia GTX GPU is going to have a memory storage of 8 GB of its own. The image also reveals that there will either be two 8 pin power connectors or a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector. Videocardz claims that the image of the GBU is from ‘Qualification Unit’ – it’s directly from the production unit. This, if true, means that the images are showing the real product that Nvidia still has to launch.

It’s not only the images of Nvidia GTX 2080 PCB suffering from undergone leaking. Some other sites have rumors about the pricing and pre-orders date circulating on the internet too. Some sites suggest that the pre-orders for the new RTZ 2080 will begin on 20th this month. The rumored price is $649 which does not seem far-fetched on seeing the images. This RDX looks very promising in terms of functioning from the leaked images and features.

New Upgrades And Improvements Will Be Seen In The Future Releases Of Nvidia GTX 2080

The company claims that the new product is going to have many new improvements. According to Jensen Huans, the CEO of Nvidia, the new Nvidia Turing is going to be great. He is sure that this will revolutionize the industry since Nvidia designers and engineers have worked very hard on this. The new Quadro GTX GPUs bring together new RT cores and Tensor cores for AI. This indicates that the upcoming GTX is sure to come with a lot of surprises.

The new Nvidia GTX 2080 PCB is likely to beat TITAN V which costs way more than its expected price. The constant leaks and rumors have made people very excited. They are finding it hard to wait for the final launch of Nvidia GTX 2080 PCB.

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