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How To Make Your Name Invisible In Among Us


Being anonymous in Among Us is a useful tactic, allowing you to slip through the cracks and avoid detection. Sadly, a recent update to the game has made it impossible to play online using an alias other than your own first name. The “blank name” method only works while playing Among Us locally, not online, using a unique dot character.

Do you know that in Among Us, you can have a secret identity? You can use a loophole to trick the game into thinking you don’t even have a name for your little Crewmate (or Imposter). Using this method, you can have a blank name and no text floating above your character in a game. Even if you’re just a crew member, this is a fun trick to pull off as the Imposter. Furthermore, it isn’t difficult to accomplish, and you can do it on a PC or a mobile device with ease. In order to remain anonymous in Among Us, follow these steps.

How to Get a Blank Name in Among Us

There’s no more complicated method than simply copying and pasting a blank space into the Among Us name field and hoping for the best… Blank spaces cannot be entered directly, however they can be copied and pasted into the game without trouble. Step-by-step directions are provided.

1.The empty space in between these quotation marks should be copied:
2.In Among Us, in the Name field, paste the empty space.
3.Once you’ve found a match, you’ll be able to see the name you entered.
Both PCs and mobile devices can benefit from this method of marketing. The pointer will move by one space when it’s done. That means there’s nothing to do but load into a match from there on out.

As a result, it works since it isn’t just a normal old space that can be obtained by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Instead of a blank space, it’s actually a Unicode symbol that appears like one. It is possible to have a blank name because the Unicode sign is theoretically regarded as a valid character by the game because it is considered acceptable.

How to Have Nearly No Name in Among Us

In order to remain anonymous when playing Among Us online, the closest you can come is to use a little character, such as a dot, as your character name. You will be slightly more noticeable than you would be if you did not have a name since the character you chose will appear above your character’s head. However, you may still be overlooked if the action is going quickly.

Here’s how to play Among Us if you have a name that is practically blank:

1.Copy this dot: “ㆍ”

2.Open Among Us, and tap ONLINE.

3.Tap the name field at the top of the screen.

4.Delete the current name.

5.Tap the blank name field, and select Paste.

6.Once you’ve confirmed that you’ve simply pasted the dot from step one, touch OK or the checkmark to continue.

7.Tap Create Game to start a game, Find Game to look for a public game, or enter a code to join a private game.

8.When you start playing, your name will be a tiny dot.


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