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OMG Crypto Price Prediction 2021-2025


OMG, Omise GO – a coin with great perspectives? Can we call it like this? Well, we better check what experts say. So, before investing in it, let us have a look at OMG crypto price prediction for the next five years. 

Why OmiseGo Can Be a Profitable Investment?

OmiseGo is a pretty promising project. The main benefits it offers are the following:

  • Ethers and ERC-20 tokens can be moved within the OmiseGO network fast and efficiently;
  • OmiseGO transactions are exceptionally energy-efficient. So, one transaction in the OMG network consumes approx. 99% less energy than the same transaction would consume in the Ethereum network.
  • OMG allows cheap transfers of assets.
  • It is an open-source platform. It means that the community can develop tools and features and improve the platform.
  • Plasma protocol guarantees the top security level for all transactions. 

The idea of the project developers is to make a payment network, something similar to PayPal, but dealing with cryptocurrencies instead of fiat money. 

OMG Price Forecast, or Is It Worth Investing Now?

The OMG cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token. The coin was launched in 2017. At that time, one OMG was worth 0.39 USD. And just at the start of the next 2018 year, the OMG price surged to more than 25 USD per coin.

After that, a correction phase followed, and as soon as 2019, the cryptocurrency price dropped again to 0.35 USD per one OmiseGO. 

Since then though, the coin was regaining in value constantly. So, by August 2020, one OmiseGo was traded at the rate of 6,04 USD, and in May 2021, the price surged to more than 12 US dollars for one coin. Further, one more drop followed. In September 2021, the coin was traded at the rate between 6 and 9 American dollars per one coin. 

OMG Price Forecast 2021 – 2025

While now, the coin isn’t showing any signs of a quick and efficient recovery, it might be an attractive investment option in the long term. So, if you have been thinking about purchasing some Omise Go coins, you can do it on LetsExchange or any other reliable platform. 

During 2021, the price of the asset might fall slightly, however, the decrease isn’t going to be dramatic nor is it going to be long-term. By the end of the year, Omise Go is either going to cross the level of 9 US dollars or will drop to around 6 USD per one coin.

2022 isn’t going to bring significant changes to the coin’s destiny, either. The OMG price will be fluctuating around the level of 2021.

2023 will bring a slight growth for OMG. The cryptocurrency is expected to cross the mark of 10 dollars per coin and even to move further to 11 USD per one OMG.

In 2024, some changes are going to occur. It is going to be a productive year for cryptocurrency. Its value is going to skyrocket to 19 USD per one OMG and above. 

Investors have different opinions regarding the coin value in 2025. While some believe that the OMG price is going to fluctuate at the level of 15 USD, others insist that further growth is expected until the crypto reaches the mark of 28 dollars for one coin.