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How to Appear Offline on PS4


If you want to know How to Appear Offline on PS4, you are at the right place. Similar to any social media or chat site, your PS4 may display your current status. This will let friends and other gamers know when you’re available and ready to play.

There are several reasons why you may choose to go offline. Perhaps you do prefer that someone bother you during a particularly intensive gaming session. Alternatively, you may have colleagues that you do not want eavesdropping on your playtime.

Alternatively, if there are times when you want to play games PS4and avoid that other payers bother you, you may modify your status to appear to be offline.

As soon as you switch on your computer and manually change your status to online, your computer will remain offline. It will show online until you turn it off and change your status back to online. The offline state will continue even if you power off the PS4. After that switch it back on again a short while later.

Also, keep in mind that if you and your friends are both playing the same online game at the same time, you may look to them as if you are online. Even though your status is currently set to offline.

Appearing offline might assist you in concentrating on a certain game. That also means that once the option is changed to ‘Online,’ you are prepared for all of the matches. It will allow you to better organise your time. It is especially useful if you have more time to spend playing on the PS4 for the time being.

With that, here’s a guide on How to Appear Offline on PS4.

How to Appear Offline on PS4

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How to Appear Offline on PS4

  1. Start your PlayStation 4 and sign in to your PlayStation 4 profile to have access to the home screen.
  2. You may now reach the fast menu at any moment throughout your use of your PS4 by holding down the PS button on your controller for a few seconds.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Online Status’ on the fast menu and hit ‘X’ to have access to these configuration options.
  4. Finally, scroll down to the ‘Appear Offline’ section and hit the ‘X’ button.
  5. In order to exit out of the fast menu and continue with your session, press ‘O’ a couple of times. You will now seem offline to all of your PSN pals, but you will still be able to use all of the online features as normal.

That’s all there is to it! Yes, it truly is that quick! Appear offline if you want to get a little peace and quiet from the swarms of pals who always invite you to play games with them.


Why would I want to appear offline on a PS4?

It is through the PlayStation Network (or PSN) that you may not only connect to all of the wonderful online capabilities available in PlayStation gaming but also connect with your friends and other people who are interested in what you are doing. You may communicate with your pals through PSN, invite them to parties (or join them) so that you can converse over microphones, and invite them to participate in your games.

The problem is that your pals are capable of doing the same to you, which may be annoying at times. When you’re just hoping to sit back and relax. Or binge-watches some shows on your favourite TV and Movie streaming service. At that moment having game invites and messages pop up on-screen throughout the show can completely ruin the vibe.

Furthermore, you may only want to get on your PS4 and play a few minutes of your favourite single-player game. At that moment you are well aware that as soon as your friends discover you are online they will begin badgering you to join them in another game. And it’s difficult to say no to your pals, isn’t it?

We get what you’re saying! Fortunately, there’s always the option to seem offline when necessary. This simply means that no one other than you will be aware that you are playing on your PS4. So that no one else will be able to see what you are doing on it, providing you with a little privacy and a lot of serenity.

Is going offline create any effect on the operation of my PS4?

Nope. You may continue to use your PS4 normally, including accessing all of the online services included with your package. ‘Appearing Offline’ is not synonymous with being ‘Offline’.

Unfortunately, going offline does not mean that your friends cannot message you. It only means that they are less likely to do so, since it will look as though you are not on your PS4.

Choosing to seem offline has no effect on your ability to watch Netflix, download games, or even play online games. It simply does not inform your pals of your online status. Even better, your status will remain unchanged whether you put the PS4 into sleep mode or sign out and back in to the PSN.