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Palworld – How to Get Sulfur


In Palworld, sulfur is an essential resource for anyone looking to upgrade from bows and arrows to weapons and bullets. Sulfur must be farmed in Palworld to produce gunpowder, which is required to produce ammunition. It can be challenging to locate the resource because it isn’t as common as ore or rock. A significant amount of work and survival expertise are required to obtain Sulfur, along with other commodities and resources in Palworld. You may learn how to obtain sulfur in Palworld by reading this article:

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Where to Find Sulfur

Palworld’s Twilight Dunes is where you can find sulfur. This region lies eastward of the Bamboo Grove. The desert area will be prominently displayed on your map upon discovery. The region is not very large, at least not in the desert area, but it has multiple sulfur deposits. All you have to do is mine the sulfur and return to your base to begin crafting.

Palworld - How to Get Sulfur

Any pickaxe can be used to mine sulfur, and friends at any mining level can assist you in farming it. As always, you can expand your carry capacity to grab more at once by using Pals like Broncherry or Cattiva. It’s annoying that there aren’t any teleport locations in the desert.

To avoid having to travel back and forth too much, you should attempt to leave and bring as much back as you can. Near the volcano, there are abundant sulfur deposits on the westernmost portion of the map; however, since that is a mid-game area with numerous hostile Pals, we advise staying in the bamboo grove and desert.

How to Get Sulfur

You must search for sulfur deposits in Palworld to obtain sulfur. While these deposits resemble typical rocks, you can tell them apart from the rest thanks to a faint greenish-yellow covering.

As of right now, Palworld’s top locations for sulfur deposits are as follows:

  • Mount Obsidian – On Mount Obsidian, we discovered a sizable deposit spawn place; nevertheless, this area becomes extremely hot.
  • Twilight Dunes –  An area that resembles a desert can be found at -160, -114.
  • Dungeons – Though not as numerous as in the desert, there do appear to be some deposits in them.

Palworld - How to Get Sulfur


How many pals are in Palworld?

Palworld now has 138 different species of Pals. This figure contains variations of currently recognized species; for instance, the Jolthog Cryst and the common Jolthog are considered to be two distinct species.

Is Palworld free?

No, playing Palworld is not free. You can buy it for US$29.99/£24.99 on Steam and Xbox, and it’s yours to keep after that. It may be obtained, of course, via Xbox Game Pass. So, in theory, it is free if you have that subscription.

Does Palworld have PvP?

Once again setting records, Palworld is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Less than a week after its release, Pairpocket unveiled its roadmap, which included PvP, raid bosses, and a Pal Arena where users could engage in PvP battles with their friends.

Can you fight other players in Palworld?

There isn’t any PvP at all in Palworld right now. The game’s main objective is to survive—alone or with friends—in a world full of cuddly Pals. This indicates that it includes the distinctive Pals system together with all the essential elements of a typical survival game.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

No, in Palworld, pals do not evolve. This is the place where your friends can acquire special traits and attributes by inheriting their parents’ traits.