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Palworld – How to Move Base


Once you have a few Pals in your group, one of the first things you should do in Palworld is build a base. It cannot be easy to choose the ideal spot for your Palworld first base, especially when you’re only getting started. You have no idea what area you’ll require or what resources you’ll need around. Palworld gives you no instructions on how to move your base, just like Pocketpair’s open-world game does with practically everything else. You may learn how to move bases in Palworld by reading this article:

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How to Set Up a Base

The only item you will need to create to set up a base is Palbox. When your character achieves Level 2, you can use this recipe. It is located in the main menu’s Technology section, requiring one Technology Point to unlock. Recall that this is your primary hub for all agricultural and making activities, as well as your sleeping quarters with your pals after you’ve set up Palbox and base.

Palworld - How to Move Base

The following is the recipe for a Palbox:

  • 1x Paldium Fragment
  • 8x Wood
  • 3x Stone

One of the most popular resources you can obtain right away is wood. All you have to do is whack adjacent trees with your hands or a weapon or gather up branches from the ground. You can acquire Wood more quickly if you use a weapon.

Palworld - How to Move Base

Regarding Stone, you can use your hands or a weapon to hit the bigger rocks to obtain more or pick up little pebbles from the ground to obtain two pieces of Stone at a time. Like Wood, Stone will be far easier to gather when wielding a weapon.

Palworld - How to Move Base

Paldium fragments are far less abundant than wood or stone, yet they are nonetheless very visible. Paldium fragments are contained in tiny, glistening blue rocks that frequently occur in clusters. There may be a section of land with very few Paldium Fragment Rocks and another with many.

How to Move Base

You have to go the longer route since Palworld does not allow you to pick up and transfer your base—not even with the Palbox. The Palbox requires disassembly, which sounds more dire than it really is. Your base’s facilities will be instantly dismantled when you dismantle a Palbox.

Palworld - How to Move Base

That covers anything you can’t make without a Palbox present, like ranches, Pal beds, and egg incubators. The material cost of each facility will be instantly reimbursed to you, but you will have to rebuild it the next time you create a base.

It should be noted that breaking down a Palbox will instantly move any functional Pals to your box, even if you have already broken down that box. None of them disappear, and none of them suffer harm. Everything you build outside of a base, including workbenches and houses, will stay intact but can be taken apart using the build menu.

Palworld - How to Move Base

Finding a new base location is the next stage, and it can be anywhere on the map that is large enough to accommodate a Palbox. You can now construct your box and rebuild any additional amenities you desire.


How do you disassemble in Palworld?

Palworld equipment disassembly is a simple procedure that may be carried out via the build menu. On a PC, players can use the ‘B’ key to reach this menu; on a gamepad, they can use the Dpad-up. A prompt to enter disassembly mode will appear at the bottom of the screen once you enter the build menu.

Can you have two bases in Palworld?

By the time you reach level 10, you can quickly dispatch them and capture them to obtain a dozen or more Pal Fluid stacks per time. Pal Fluids are required for several mid-to-late-game crafting recipes; even after constructing a hot spring during the tutorial, you’ll still need a lot of them.

Can I move structures in Palworld?

The only modes available to the survivor Pokémon clone are build and dismantle, meaning that moving or altering the orientation requires first destroying the object in question.

Can you crossbreed in Palworld?

Pals in Palworld have the ability to breed, meaning that hundreds of combinations exist in the game that will produce different Pals based on who you set up.

How do I breed pals in Palworld?

You can breed Pals together in Palworld to have children. To get them to breed, you’ll need a Pal Breeding Farm, a male and a female Pal, and cake.