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Payday 3 – How to Shout


Reopening is the ultimate heist simulator. Controlling your favorite Payday character in this latest edition feels better than ever, although several things have changed since the franchise’s previous release. In Payday 3, players have access to additional voice commands. They can say hello, they can make comments about the practice, and they can use some fairly harsh language. The ability to yell is the most crucial vocal command, though, as it allows players to take charge of their heists without the assistance of the police. You will learn how to yell in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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How To Shout

In Payday 3, shouting operates somewhat differently than in Payday 2’s, and several changes have been made to the mechanics to make it simpler to shout. Heisters won’t have to stress over constantly pressing the yell button or worrying about the civilian choosing to ignore them or get up and flee. Now, players just need to yell once.

Players will be prohibited from yelling at a civilian once they have successfully coerced them into surrendering and are cooperating. After being apprehended by a civilian, the player can yell at them by using the Up button on consoles or the Middle Mouse Button on PCs. Gamers have two options while shouting at civilians: they can point to the citizens’ position or aim their gun directly at them.

Payday 3 - How to Shout

Payday 3 allows users to customize all of their key bindings, whether they are playing alone or with other people. It is recommended that players on PC alter the shout button because it isn’t the most convenient to click the middle mouse button. The NPC will either kneel or raise their hands after yelling at the people, allowing players to use them as human shields or bind them up. Players in Payday 3 can utilize as many cable ties as they like.

It’s also important to remember that firing at a civilian—preferably with a silent weapon—will get them to obey just like yelling does. This is crucial for maintaining crowd control, guaranteeing police negotiation, and preventing panic while trying to pull off a stealth theft. While some Payday 2 players might find it confusing, Starbreeze purposefully made the yell button unspammable in Payday 3. When the ‘!’ over an NPC’s head disappears, the player is obeying the command to yell at them.

How To Yell At Civilians

You should use these buttons if you want to shout at them to keep them safe or if you merely need to kidnap a few hostages to buy some time:

  • Keyboard & Mouse: Middle Mouse Button (Quick Press)
  • Controller: D-Pad UP (Quick Press)

Payday 3 - How to Shout

You must target your shout toward a group of civilians and hit the appropriate button, as indicated above, in order to execute a shout effectively. They’ll get on the ground fast, preventing needless fatalities as you conduct the theft in peace. We’re not sure why Starbreeze’s devs altered this from the last game, but we’re prepared to get right back into the action like pros.


Can you zip tie guards in Payday 3?

If a civilian or employee finds you wherever you shouldn’t have been, you’ll need to disguising yourself and using intimidation to convince them to come down. Fortunately, hostage control is not a problem in Payday 3 because you have an infinite number of zip ties.

What is the best weapon for stealth in Payday 3?

The following is the greatest Payday 3 stealth build: Car-4 with Silencer Barrel Extension is the main weapon. Signature 40 with Silencer Barrel Extension is the secondary weapon. Armor Bag: deployable.

What is the best skill tree for stealth in Payday 3?

If you want to play stealthily, begin by unlocking the Grifter, Escapist, and Infiltrator branches if you haven’t previously. To unlock everything, you’ll need to play a few heists. During this time, level up the weapons you’ve picked and earn money to purchase upgrades.

What is the best throwable in Payday 3?

The throwing knife is the greatest throwable for a loadout in Payday 3 if players are seeking for a stealth build because the other pieces of equipment would alert guards and people with their loud explosions.

How does the ECM jammer work in Payday 3?

The ECM Jammer disables telephones and cameras worldwide for the length of its impact, making suspicious individuals and activities momentarily untraceable and preventing alerted foes and civilians from making calls that may trigger the alarm.