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Dave The Diver – How to Get Moray Eel


Though some are more difficult to capture than others, Dave the Diver offers a wide variety of fish to catch. The moray eel is one of the first fish that will definitely irritate you since it likes to attack you by lunging at you from cracks. To finish the Dave the Diver mission A Noisy Customer, Moray Eel must give Otto some Moray Eel Curry. You can learn how to obtain moray eels in Dave the Diver by reading this article:

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How to Find Moray Eel

In the Blue Hole Shallows, moray eels spawn in the evening between zero and fifty meters. After Otto appears at the restaurant in Chapter 2: Into the Deep, you can access night diving. You must complete the Duff’s Pink Delivery tasks and defeat the Giant Squid boss in order to summon him.

The moray eel prefers to stay in open areas between coral and rock formations close to the water’s surface. They are a dark grey species that resembles a long, somewhat huge snake. To assist you with finding each eel during the A Noisy Customer, each one is identified by a light blue tilted square. We suggest weakening the eel with a gun, preferably a sniper rifle or any other advanced weapon, and then harpooning it like you would any other fish.

Dave The Diver - How to Get Moray Eel

They can cause a lot of damage, so try to avoid their strikes. There’s an opportunity to acquire moray eel roe after you’ve unlocked the fish farm and caught a few moray eels. After reaching adulthood, these will breed in the fish farm and eventually become a reliable supplier of moray eels. Just make sure there are always two moray eels in the tank at all times; otherwise, they won’t breed.

How to Catch Moray Eel

Don’t bother if you’re using every harpoon, weapon, and net you can find to capture the moray eels that emerge from holes throughout the day. Only at night, when they are not hiding in tiny cracks and crevices, can moray eels be captured in the open.

In Chapter Two, you can access night diving if Otto, a VIP customer, requests that you make him Moray Eel Curry. There are other more hostile fish nearby, including moray eels, so night diving has its own set of risks. You must be well-prepared to defeat moray eels when they attempt to attack.

Dave The Diver - How to Get Moray Eel

You can catch eels by wounding them with a weapon before trying to harpoon them, but be cautious not to merely stab it to death because doing so will lower your star rating. Morrow eels get more easier to catch as you go through the game and acquire stronger weapons like tranquilizer guns. At some point, you’ll also be able to access the Fish Farm, where you can raise eels.


What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

Red Sniper Rifle. It is lethal everywhere in The Blue Hole and has the longest range, surpassing even the Grenade Launcher, with the best (constant) damage output in the entire game.

Is Raptor good Dave the Diver?

Because of his abilities, Raptor is one of the more unusual employees you can work with. He is the only employee with access to both Wasabi Refill and Cocktail Serving abilities. Together, these are a powerful combination because they are already hard to come by individually.

Can you tranquilize shark Dave the Diver?

Players must use either the Modified Hush Dart or the Tranquilizer Rifle to tranquilize sharks. To use these weapons, users must upgrade Dave’s smartphone’s Duff’s Weapon Shop app to improve the basic Rifle and Hush Dart. The greatest option is the Tranquilizer Rifle, which may be obtained by crafting merely a basic upgrade.

What should I upgrade Dave the Diver?

Give upgrading Dave’s Trusty Air Tank and Diving Suit top priority if you want to go deeper underwater, discover uncommon treasures, and be more equipped to face obstacles. Enhance Dave’s Harpoon Gun to make it a more potent weapon for fighting and fishing by raising its value and damage.

Who is the female character in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver features a character named Ellie. She is a local graduate student studying biology, and she asks Dave to assist her in her research by obtaining specific materials.