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Payday 3 – How to Take Off Mask


How to take off your mask in Payday 3 may be a mystery to players who want to show off their faces to frightened hostages or blend in with the crowd after pulling off a successful theft. Some players are looking for answers to simple questions, including how to take off a mask in Payday 3, even if the Payday team is back for another robbery. There’s more to mask removal than meets the eye, even if it may seem straightforward.

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Why Unmasking is a Bad Idea?

Payday 3’s decision to prevent mask removal makes sense, given that the game’s narrative revolves around the player taking on the role of an armed robber in a group. Similar to real life, the person committing an armed robbery or kidnapping must stay anonymous at all times in order to avoid being discovered.

Payday 3 - How to Take Off Mask

The inability to take off one’s mask during a robbery is a current limitation, although this feature may be implemented in the future. Therefore, if a player chooses to wear their mask, they have to stay true to that choice the entire robbery.

How to Take Off Mask

It is important to note that unless the player restarts the heist, they are unable to take off their mask once they have put it on. Because of this, single gamers will have to consider carefully before donning their mask and beginning a heist. However, gamers who are playing online with friends or strangers can forego wearing masks as long as they have teammates who are mask-wearing and engaging in activities such as:

  • Removing the guards.
  • Breaking up cameras.
  • Trespassing into the security areas.
  • Immobilizing the general public, etc.

When participating in a heist, players that choose not to wear masks must play carefully and are limited to certain behaviors, such as cutting power, lock picking, etc. If these players don’t wear masks, they can’t go in full force.

How to Put on Your Mask

In Payday 3, you can quickly put on your mask by pressing the appropriate button on the console or by holding down the G key on the PC. LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation. Just keep in mind that once your mask is on, it won’t come off, so make sure all of your weapons are loaded and locked.

We will update this page with information on whether or not Payday 3 will allow you to put on and take off your mask. It’s highly doubtful that the game will ever allow you to switch it on and off, unless a DLC pack releases a new skill line or mask that is designed to be more versatile. It’s unlikely, though, that your team will need to mask up as well when you do.


What is the best skill in Payday 3?

These seem to be the greatest abilities to acquire first in Payday 3 at a glance: Hacker Secure Loop, Infiltrator Quick Fingers, and Escapist Battering Ram.

Can you knockout guards in Payday 3?

Guards cannot be meleed. Suppressed weapons, throwing knives, or a takedown (using the guard as a human shield by grabbing them from behind and choking them silently) are your options if you don’t have any of them.

What are C stacks in Payday 3?

They can be used in-game to purchase goods from merchants that accept payment other than cash. Crucially, actual money cannot be used to acquire C-Stacks because they are not a premium currency. Alternatively, you can turn the loot you get from robberies into C-Stacks.

What is the best pistol in Payday 3?

Perhaps the greatest handgun in the entire game is the Signature 403. This is accurate and discharges smoothly with little recoil, even at base level. At close range, it is very dependable and delivers strong blows.

Can you shoot cameras in Payday 3?

In earlier Payday games, destroying too many cameras would raise red flags with security. That is no longer the case, and using a silenced weapon to shoot a camera will prevent you from being discovered.

How many heists are there in Payday 3?

As of December 2023, the game had 11 different heists, all of which took place in New York City. This comprises one heist from The Bad Apple campaign, two legacy heists, and eight core heists.