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Payday 3 – Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky


Players will be sent on an infiltration mission to an executive penthouse in Touch the Sky as part of Payday 3’s final heist. It’s only a little penthouse, after all. There are definitely more guards on patrol than you could have imagined. The red and blue keycards that are hidden around the penthouse are two essential items that players will need to obtain in order to finish this heist successfully. Reading this article, you can find out where Red and Blue Keycard In Touch The Sky is in Payday 3.

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Blue Keycard Location

Removing the blue keycard from the patrolling security guard’s belt is necessary. Usually, there will be one among the guards around the second-floor area, but sometimes, players must use more cunning to entice guards from downstairs into an area where they can be silently rendered helpless or captured. Players should check the security room twice after obtaining the blue keycard (the room may be found upstairs close to the elevator).

Turn right at the end of the walkway if you’re going up the main steps, and you should be able to see the keypad there. A single security camera monitors this location. Therefore, players must be careful to hack, avoid, or destroy it. Players should go to the lower floor of the penthouse and check the corridor near the balcony if they cannot discover the blue keypad upstairs (the security room should be situated in one of the two rooms down this hall).

Payday 3 - Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky

Although many security officers are on duty, players can enter this location covertly and avoid taking hostages by using the plants as a disguise from cameras. Players should remove the guard once they’re inside the security room to turn off all of the penthouse’s surveillance cameras.

Red Keycard Location

That means you have to travel downstairs to get the Red Keycard. Head for the long hallway that leads to the balcony in the backyard. The Red Keycard is located in the chamber at the far end of this hallway, however accessing it requires a QR code. You must hack the phone of a security who patrols both floors in order to access the QR code.

Payday 3 - Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky

We kindly ask that you hold off until he gets to the second floor. After that, begin hacking. You have to stay inside a specific range of the special guard in order to do this. On harder difficulty settings, it’s almost tough to follow him, especially with all the cameras. Thus, you have two ways to go about doing it.

Payday 3 - Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky

One way to disable all cameras is to kill the security guard inside the security room after stealing the Blue Keycard from the other guard on the second floor. On the second floor, the security room is next to the elevator. In this manner, you can quickly hack his phone and assassinate the undercover guard as well. His corpse can always be hidden in front of the door to the master bedroom.

Payday 3 - Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky

Using the Hacker and Secure Loop skills is the next choice. Using your phone, you can use a security loop to ensnare a few cameras so they will never be able to recognize you again. If a camera’s secure loop is enabled, its light will become blue. After obtaining the QR Code, proceed downstairs to enter the chamber.

Look inside each drawer; you’ll find the Red Keycard inside one of them. You can then break into Mason’s office once you have it. You now possess a new vault that can only be unlocked with Mason’s vision. Thus, you need to contaminate his drink in order to entice him inside the office. It’s going to take time.

Payday 3 - Red and Blue Keycard in Touch the Sky

You have to wait on a delivery of whiskey. After it’s in the kitchen, Shade will assign you an optional task. This one is really challenging, particularly when it’s more difficult. This is the reason we previously advised you to try your hand at figuring out the code to the main vault on your own.


Who has the red Keycard in Payday 3?

The VIP Showroom Alarm switch is placed in the basement storage area, which is where players will find the red keycard. Keep an eye out for the security officer monitoring the main area of the basement and the two security cameras that are positioned so that they can see the storage room entrance as part of their routine surveillance.

Can you unmask in Payday 3

The inability to take off one’s mask during a robbery is a current limitation, although it’s possible that this feature will be implemented in the future. Therefore, if a player chooses to wear their mask, they have to stay true to that choice the entire robbery. The PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X may all play Payday 3.

Can you pickpocket in Payday 3?

Players may even be able to pickpocket the guard in order to obtain a helpful keycard if they are following them. The next time, just make an effort to avoid the guard’s line of sight, and consider carrying a weapon.

How do you stealth in Payday 3?

You must be masked in order to approach a guard from behind and take them down without being noticed. You’ll then receive an instruction to use them as a human shield. To execute the takedown while in this posture, simply hold down the interact button.

What is the first heist in Payday 3?

Even though No Rest For The Wicked is Payday 3’s first heist, it’s by no means straightforward or easy. Entering the situation unprepared or with unfavorable circumstances might transform even this relatively simple task into a struggle for existence.