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Terra Nil – How to Restore River Valley


The objective of Terra Nil, a stunning game that is evocative of city-building games, is to rehabilitate a desolate, lifeless land rather than construct bustling metropolis. The game travels across several locations as it turns a desolate wasteland into a vibrant ecology. Here’s how to rebuild River Valley in Terra Nil, one of them. You will learn how to return River Valley to terra zero by reading this article:

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Section 1 – Restoring Water and Plant Life

Install some wind turbines to produce electricity. Then, clear the soil with toxic scrubbers. Use irrigators to add vegetation after that. Finally, to repair the river system, water pumps are employed. Continue doing this until the 100% mark appears on your progress circle. Check the state of the progress in the upper left corner. The player can place a few poison scrubbers after placing turbines.

Terra Nil - How to Restore River Valley

In order to have a good spread of fertile land, it is best to install the toxic scrubbers uniformly and as far away from the turbine as possible. Next, players can plant irrigators, which produce greenery and provide them extra money to spend. To go to the next step, the area doesn’t need to be entirely covered in greenery, but having an even distribution of green land will aid when the time comes to change it.

Section 2 – Increase Diversity

At this point, you need to use marshes, woodlands, and fynbos to boost the biodiversity of the area. Utilize them to develop three distinct biomes in a single area. Place beehives on the trees to produce fynbos; the bees will take care of the rest. Hydroponiums can be used to create wetlands in place of irrigators.

Additionally, as trees need ashy soil, you will need to utilize controlled fire in the forest. To avoid harming other biomes, however, make sure you have isolated that area of land before utilizing fire.

Section 3 – Recycling

When it comes to recycling, Terra Nil is very different from city-building games in the third level. This phase entails dismantling and getting rid of any evidence of alien structures or machinery. At this point, gamers must promote the well-being of wildlife.

Terra Nil - How to Restore River Valley

Time to get rid of any evidence of alien meddling now. Buildings within a specified radius will be automatically recycled if you place an airship first, followed by a recycling silo. The removal of those recycling silos is the final step. This requires loading docks, which should be positioned alongside rivers close to the recycling silos. A recycling drone should then be sent to pick up the debris.

After players have integrated all three species and recycled every building and item on the area, they can press the bright red button to launch the airship! To experience the beauty of nature thriving on the land that players have dedicated so much effort to restoring, click the “Appreciate” button.


How do you place the airship in Terra Nil?

The Airship needs to be positioned at least five tiles wide. There can be a requirement for a water supply depending on the region. You will deploy a recycling drone to start the recycling process in temperate and continental zones. Resources will be transferred by drone from Loading Dock to the Airship.

How do you increase humidity in Terra Nil?

The Humidity Pylon is a structure located in Terra Nil that is used to increase the region’s humidity in order to restore the weather system when the temperature and humidity levels are precisely balanced. It works best on water and wetlands tiles and can only be installed on rock tiles.

How do you make kelp forests in Terra Nil?

The Algae Greenhouse produces lichen on rock within a 7-tile radius, however it must be installed on an already-existing irrigation system. Then, to cultivate kelp forests, it can be transported by monorail into a clean ocean.

How do you scan for animals in Terra Nil?

Players must click on the orange button located directly beneath the list of animals situated in the upper-left corner of the screen in order to search for animals. The scan button, which resembles a large C, is where gamers should click on the new menu that displays.

What is the unusually shaped creature in Terra Nil?

Manta Ray: This oddly shaped animal floats across coral reefs and river estuaries in the ocean. – (Note: Ensuring you have the three river tiles and that the game counts them as river tiles is the hardest aspect of the manta ray.)