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Payday 3 – How to Use ECM Jammers


During heists, the ECM Jammer is a special instrument in Payday 3 that can identify and interfere with any adjacent electrical equipment. Cameras and security radios will be your deadliest enemies if you’re trying to slip through a theft, but the ECM Jammer can make it much simpler to get around them. Guard radios and cameras are slowed down by this gadget, which is useful for remaining covert. In Payday 3, the ECM Jammer can only be unlocked after achieving level 20 infamy. You will learn how to utilize ECM jammers in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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What does the ECM Jammer Do?

As stated in its description, all radios and cameras operate “stupid slow” when it’s operational. In actuality, this implies that you will have more time before answering a radio and that cameras will take longer to find you. The normal buffs will be represented by an H-shaped icon when the jammer is active, and you can stack this device with other players to increase the benefits.

However, you only receive one ECM jammer, so use it wisely. Before you can start the jammer’s pulse, you must deploy it anywhere. To activate the ECM Jammer, hold down the gadget button. A white outline will appear where you point it. Your ECM Jammer will land there if you let off of the Gadget button. You can leave it there and use your gadget again by pressing the button when you need further assistance.

Should You Use ECM Jammers?

Unlike the other gadgets such as the micro cam, the ECM Jammer is considered one of the worst tools in the game. This is because it doesn’t totally disable electrical devices like radios and cameras; instead, it just temporarily messes with and slows them down.

Payday 3 - How to Use ECM Jammers

It’s not all bad though, because you can stack up enough ECM jammers to have an amplified effect. This is especially true on the Overkill difficulty, when player detection is faster and you can slow down the electronic devices enough to flee just in time to avoid being discovered.

How to Use ECM Jammers

To get it to function in Payday 3, you must first set up an ECM jammer. To attach the ECM jammer, start by holding down the button on your device. On any hard surface, you will now notice that your cursor has a white outline. Once you’ve determined where to use the device, release the device button to launch the ECM jammer onto the same area that has been outlined in white.

Payday 3 - How to Use ECM Jammers

Since each theft is limited to one ECM jammer, we strongly advise you to choose carefully where you want to use it. Press your device’s button one more to turn on the ECM Jammer in Payday 3 and turn off any nearby gadgets.

ECM Jammer Effects

Even though it’s simple to sense that cameras and radios are moving more slowly, we tested the exact amount of time they would take on Dirty Ice on Normal. After taking down a guard, you normally have around five seconds to respond to a radio, but the ECM Jammer increases that time to about eight. That represents a roughly 50% increase, and the additional seconds really matter.

We also used a camera by the manager’s office’s corner at Dirty Ice to test the ECM jammer. When we were crouching, it took the camera almost four seconds to fully detect us on Normal. That was nearly doubled by the ECM jammer, to about eight seconds, which was just enough time for the camera to begin spinning again before anyone saw us.

In Dirty Ice, we haven’t discovered any range requirements either. The radio for the guard on the other side of the back gate continued to function when we positioned this at one of the invisible walls along the street. However, since our testing was limited to Normal level, your mileage may differ as you move up the rankings.


Can I play Payday 3 offline?

You can play without progressing when offline. Upon installing Solo Game Utils (Pause) and DebugMenuMod, you will be able to make a solo offline heist. If the servers are unavailable, you can actually halt the theft and won’t be disconnected.

Was Payday 3 a success?

Payday 3’s financial success is a good thing for the developer and publisher, but player involvement and the game’s long-term success could be impacted by persistent annoyances and a lack of community outreach.

How do ECM jammers work Payday 3?

The ECM Jammer disables telephones and cameras worldwide for the length of its effect, making suspicious individuals and activities momentarily untraceable and preventing alerted foes and civilians from making calls that could trigger the alarm.

What is the hacker skill in Payday 3?

Hacker: With this skill tree, you can gain access to guard radios and cameras. This talent tree is a no-brainer if you’re going in silent because it’s also quite helpful for stealth runs.

What are C stacks in Payday 3?

They can be used in-game to purchase goods from merchants that accept payment other than cash. Crucially, actual money cannot be used to acquire C-Stacks because they are not a premium currency. Alternatively, you can turn the loot you get from robberies into C-Stacks.