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Peroxide Roblox: Spirit vs. Strength



Peroxide Roblox is a popular anime-inspired fighting game that allows players to choose from a variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities. One of the most important choices players have to make is whether to focus on Spirit or Strength.

Spirit Build

Spirit is a more ranged-focused build that allows players to spam abilities from a distance. This can be a very effective strategy, as it can be difficult for opponents to close the distance and land hits. Spirit builds are also more reliant on abilities, so players need to be careful not to run out of mana.

  • Players with Spirit builds can deal 300-400 damage with powerful Spirit skills, especially with the use of gems.
  • Even with high vitality (e.g., 120), players can get nearly one-tapped by opponents using certain combos.
  • Spirit builds are versatile and relatively easy to play, but they require constant ability use to stay effective.

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Strength Build

Strength is a more melee-focused build that relies on high damage output and powerful combos. This build can be very effective in close-quarters combat, but it is more vulnerable to ranged attacks. Strength builds also require players to be more accurate with their attacks, as they cannot afford to miss as many hits as Spirit builds.

  • Strength builds can have 60 damage M1 attacks and rely on high damage output.
  • They offer the potential for powerful combos and benefit from strength scaling in certain abilities.
  • They are vulnerable to ranged attacks and require precision in combat.

Game Balance and Opinions:

  • Players have varying opinions on the balance of Spirit and Strength builds.
  • Some argue that Spirit builds are overpowered due to the versatility they offer.
  • Others believe that Strength builds need buffs to make them more competitive.

Choosing Your Path

The best build for Peroxide Roblox is the one that best suits the player’s playstyle. If you are a fan of ranged combat and spamming abilities, then Spirit is a good choice. If you prefer melee combat and powerful combos, then Strength is a better option.