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Pizza Tower – All Characters Names


Players can leverage Pizza Tower’s impressive collection of people to advance their story, despite its small size. Each character has unique traits and multiple play styles to pick from. Though the gameplay itself is entertaining, fast-paced, and has a great soundtrack, the actual stars of this universe are the people. This article will teach you the names of all the characters in the pizza tower:

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Pepperman – Boss #1

The first player the Lackey’s team will have to face is Pepperman, and he’s a bit of a doozy. Pepperman, who is half man and half pepper, will do all it takes to finish Peppino’s quest as soon as possible. Fortunately, he will be among the easiest to defeat because he is the first boss.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names

Peppino Spaghetti

The primary character in the game is Peppino, who is playable right away. The game’s most well-rounded and approachable character is undoubtedly the Italian chef. He can perform the following moves: Belly Slide, Shoulder Bash, Taunt, Parry, Break Dancing, Dash, Roll, Dive, Super Jump, Grab, Tackle, and Quick Roll.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names


The secondary character in Pizza Tower, Gustavo, first appears in the game’s opening sequences in the pizzeria. He plays a crucial role in the narrative and helps Peppino advance. With moves including Dash, Double Jump, Wall Jump, Brick Kick, Spin Attack, Stomp, Crawling/Climbing, Rail Climbing, Eating Balloons, Taunt, and Jump, Gustavo is also a playable character.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names


Your pizzeria is going to blow up because of him, therefore the last test of your mettle will be to take on this mound of cheese-covered meatballs. Fortunately, the triumph tastes better than mom’s spaghetti, so get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names

Pizza Tower has plenty to offer almost everyone, in addition to the innumerable fodder foes that players may come across during their adventure. Pizza Tower is prepared to take on everyone looking for a fresh experience in a foreign location, thanks to its amazing soundtrack and top-notch animation for the protagonist and his friends.


Players may anticipate everything from the fitting Pizzaface, the last boss in Pizza Tower. A pizza, that is… with a face. That’s pretty much it there is to them; to win against this flying pizza, players will have to demonstrate their mastery of platforming. Characters can now finally relax after taking down Pizzaface—unless?

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names

Fake Peppino

Peppino faces the biggest enemy of all in the battle of the century: himself. The near-final boss of this journey is Fake Peppino. While players might not be able to tell them apart at first, there are a few telltale signs that can point important gamers in the correct direction. For example, Fake Peppino is far taller than the other boss and his face melts when they fight. Just a few minor variations, people.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names

The Vigilante

The Vigilante is not only rootin’, but he might also be tootin’ and, my god, is he shootin’. The Vigilante’s desire to wreak revenge on Peppino may seem justified, but gamers will do whatever it takes to save their shop from being completely destroyed, even if it means losing to a Cheeseslime wearing a cowboy hat.

Pizza Tower - All Characters Names


Can you play as Gustavo in Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower’s second playable character and deuteragonist is Gustavo.

Will vigilante be playable Pizza Tower?

The Vigilante was initially intended to be the third playable character, but that plan was abandoned since it was very ambitious and prematurely revealed. The Vigilante, in contrast to the other playable characters, has a health system and can only employ the Ball transformation.

How do you get the S Tier Pizza Tower?

S-Ranks are awarded when a player defeats a boss stage after taking one or two hits, or when they get almost every point source in the level—typically twice as many as needed for an A.

What does taunting do in Pizza Tower?

Make fun of them. Peppino will strike a posture when you press the taunt button. When Peppino is injured while mocking, he will parry and block the blow rather than take it. This may deflect projectiles and destroy the majority of foes.

How do I get rid of rat Pizza Tower?

Pin Stupid Rats can be killed by a number different transformations, including Mort Transformation, Barrel Transformation (only on touch), and Boxed Transformation, even though they are only intended to be transformed into balls.