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How to Flip Reset in Rocket League


To do a flip reset, you must first place all four of your wheels on a surface. This allows you to regain control of your board while it is in mid-air. A automobile can perform two different jumps: the first is a regular jump, and the second is a flip. The catch is that you have to touch the ground after completing a flip in order to jump again, unless you are familiar with the technique known as “flip reset.” In the following post, you will learn how to perform a rocket league flip reset:

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How to Flip Reset in Rocket League

In order to do a flip reset in Rocket League Sideswipe, you will need to tap each of the four wheels on your vehicle on either the ceiling or the ball. Because of this, you will be able to retrieve your second jump, which is also referred to as your flip, and you will be able to properly reset it.

How to Flip Reset in Rocket League

Because the second time you hit the jump button (once airborne) can be done at any time, you can only reset your flip once you’ve used all of your previous flips. This is in contrast to the PC version of Rocket League, which has a 1.5-second timer.

Best Uses of Flip Resetting

As opposed to the first Rocket League game, the original Rocket League game lacks a countdown for the second jump or the flip, which means that flip resetting will be particularly important in earlier rankings. Because there are no boost pads on the field, flipping is your greatest option for getting around. If you get trapped in the air and find yourself getting closer and closer to the roof, you should make an effort to regain your flip so that you can throw yourself back into the defensive half of the pitch.

How to Flip Reset in Rocket League

In fast-paced offences, where the pressure from close quarters might become too much for the defender because powerful shots are flying in from repeated flips earned from the ball, the ability to reset flips is hugely important.

Remember that there is no better way to master a mechanic than to nail it down in practice, so remember to attempt to get familiar with earning your flips in Free Play first and then try your hand at using said flip for whatever task comes to mind second!


Can a 13 year old play Rocket League?

However, configuring parental controls that are tailored to the platform in question can assist manage overall gameplay. In addition, if your child is younger than 13 years old, they will be assigned a cabined account by default. Your child will be able to play the game using these accounts, but they will not have access to the chat feature or the cash shop.

What is the #1 rule of Rocket League?

Rule 1 is an unwritten rule that no one, not even professional players, should ever breach, unless they want their teammates to throw the game. If you want your teammates to toss the game, then breaking Rule 1 is a good idea. Rule 1 states that you should never break a headlock that you have with another player, even if you are in control of the situation.

What is rule 0 Rocket League?

Rule 0 states that the ball must not contact the ground within the first 0 seconds. In a strictly technical sense, this was one of the very first regulations that was ever developed for Rocket League.

What is the first ban in Rocket League?

The length of a game ban begins at 72 hours and increases to one week for repeat offenders. If you continue to break the rules, you risk getting a lifetime ban from the game. Players that engage in the use of poisonous language, even if it is not particularly offensive, such as swearing, will have Chat Bans and/or Game Bans placed on their accounts.