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Pizza Tower – How to Super Jump


If you are irresponsible and slow to consider, you could be in a sticky situation. You can get out of many situations with a range of skills and button presses. Remarkably intricate for a game with just seven usable buttons. Thankfully, the skill you want to acquire today just requires the usage of two keyboard keys. This tutorial will teach you how to super leap in a pizza tower:

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How to Super Taunt

A “Super Taunt” is when the player gets a combo of 10 or more, holds up while taunting, or presses up right away after doing so. One of four unique taunts is selected (different taunts are purely cosmetic and have no bearing on gameplay), and all of the enemies on screen are defeated.

How to Super Jump

You must first accelerate while dashing to execute a super jump in Pizza Tower. To initiate the super jump preparation, simply press and hold the ↑ key after holding Shift and running for a while. The screenshot below also shows the directions the game provided throughout the tutorial.

Pizza Tower - How to Super Jump

When the dash begins, you only have to hold down the ↑ key to make the chef enter the super jump motion on his own. The chef will become flattened and blink, indicating they are performing the super jump movement. You can also maneuver around and aim where you want to jump by using the left and right buttons when the chef is in the ready-for-super-jump phase.

Pizza Tower - How to Super Jump

You can use the super jump and reach amazing heights after you release the ↑ key. You will frequently need to employ this skill to reach higher areas that are not even visible on the screen. Try doing a super jump to get there if it appears that there is room for you to jump somewhere up where you cannot see.


Who is Mr Stick in Pizza Tower?

A cunning businessman, Mr. Stick will show up on the Hub next to each boss gate. Before granting Peppino entry to the boss gate, Mr. Stick demands an arbitrary sum of money; hence, the player must gather a certain number of Toppins in order to be permitted to proceed with their mission.

Who is the noise’s girlfriend in Pizza Tower?

He is frequently depicted torturing and troubling Peppino in Peppino and Noise Comics. In one of these comics, he also sees his girlfriend Noisette, who terrifies him.

Does Peppino have anxiety Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower is an independent video game released in 2023. The primary protagonist and playable character is Peppino Spaghetti. He is a nervous and suspicious chef who tries to keep Pizza Face away from his pizzeria.

What is the easiest level to P rank in Pizza Tower?

The simplest P ranks in the game are John Gutter and Crumbling Tower, thus I’m surprised no one brought up Wasteyard. Wasteyard is, in my opinion, the third-most straightforward level in the game to P rank. Short and easy to manage gimmick with only a few bothersome places that are straightforward to understand and master.

What is the C rank in Pizza Tower?

C-Class. C-Ranks are typically awarded when a player takes 7 or 8 hits to defeat a boss stage, or when they finish a stage with a respectable number of points. Peppino looks tired and looks off to the right of the screen in the rank animation, saying, “That was bad.” The large, green letter C emerges.