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Players don’t need to worry about losing their Destiny 2 characters, says Bungie


Because playing Destiny 2 can easily consume hundreds or even thousands of hours of your time, the prospect of having your characters vanish due to a bug in the game’s software is extremely unsettling. Over the past few days, a number of folks over on Reddit have described exactly the same incident, providing specifics of when and how it took place. Now, the game’s developer, Bungie, has issued a notification in which the company asserts that it is “certain that no characters or progress were wrongly lost by our systems.”

At the time of this article’s publishing, there were over 200 comments and 2,000 upvotes on one of the Reddit threads that discussed the matter in depth. This discussion was started by the user MasterCJ117. When the user signed on at the beginning of the Dawning event one year ago, they discovered that their Warlock had been deleted from their roster of available characters to utilise in the game. According to them, a week later, a friend’s Hunter experienced a situation quite similar to the one they described, but it was resolved by just restarting the device. Bungie does not believe that this was the result of an error on their end because MasterCJ117 did not fare as well.

On December 14, the player stated in a post that they were the only person with access to their Bungie account. The post was posted in the forums provided by Bungie. In addition, MasterCJ117 provided a link to their Wasted on Destiny page, which displays an opening for a “Deleted” character with 839 hours of playtime. Presumably, this is the Warlock that they no longer have access to.

A another user with the username CyanSolar posted on another topic about a missing Titan when they logged into Destiny 2 roughly a week ago. The gamer claims that after logging in, they were taken to a dark screen with the text “contacting servers,” which then brought them to the screen where they could select their character. The issue, on the other hand, is that they weren’t given the option to select their Titan. Bungie intervened and assisted the player in regaining control of their Titan. The community manager at Bungie, Liana Ruppert, commented on the post to explain that it was a specific issue linked to internal data, which the studio is unable to divulge to the general public.