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Pokemon Go Announces Holiday Event 2018 Will Start Next Week


Niantic has announced for the upcoming event for Pokemon Go Holiday which will start in next week. Yes, Pokemon Go seems doesn’t want to leave behind in giving surprises for the fans in this holiday.

Pokemon Go Holiday Event will start from December 18 until January 2. In this event, you will able to see Pikachu wearing a festive hat in holiday-themed. And Ice-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild, including Jynx, Sneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, Spheal, and the new “Gen 4” Pokemon Snover.

Here are the details for the event below:

  • Ice Type Pokemon and festive Pikachu will have increased spawn rate
  • Smoochum, Azurill, and Munchlax will hatch from 7km Eggs
  • Delibird is coming back, and this time players will also have a chance to catch its shiny form
  • Spinning a PokeStop will get you free single-use incubator once per day

From December 18 until December 22

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