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Celebi is The Latest Pokemon Introduced In The ‘Pokemon Go’ Fest

Fawad Pirzada


Celebi is The Latest Pokemon Introduced In The Pokemon Go Fest

Rumors were spreading like Wildfire with the start of Pokemon Go Fest 2018 in Chicago that new Generation 4 Pokémon was going to be introduced to the public but those rumors were not accurate as the surprise new Pokémon happened to be the Second Generation Legendary Pokémon ‘Celebi’.

As discussed in an earlier article that the 2017 event which forced the company to gift the attendees ‘Lugia’, A Legendary Pokémon itself but this time Niantic made all the necessary adjustments and it meant that the attendees had to work to capture Celebi.

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The simple steps to catch Celebi Pokemon, which are divided into few steps:

First Step:

Probably the easiest of the lot, following are the bunch of tasks a player has to perform:

  1. Catch Fifteen Pokemon
  2. Earn a candy while walking with one’s Pokémon
  3. Spin three Poke Gyms

As the event is currently taking place in Lincoln Park, Chicago and there’s a vast space with plenty of Poke Gyms and Pokémon to complete all three-task mentioned above.

Second Step:

With the second step, the tasks become more frustrating and difficult. They are to Catch 10 Pokémon of the following type which are as follows:

  1. Catch Grass-type Pokemon
  2. Catch Fire-type Pokemon
  3. Catch Steel-type Pokemon
  4. Catch Rock-type Pokemon
  5. Catch Ice-type Pokemon
  6. Catch Water-type Pokemon

The players are forced to move around the Park as the whole 1.8 Mile area is divided into Four Habitats.

Third Step:

This step is probably the hardest of all as the tasks are much complex than the two mentioned above

  1. Hatch Three Eggs
  2. Spin three Poke Stops
  3. Catch seven of the unknown Pokémon

The unknown Pokémons represent the 26 alphabets of the English Language are pretty rare but easier to find. The surrounding is wide enough and two kilometers of walking is required to hatch an egg which means lots of walking back and forth.

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